Video games with heart: the top modern games for stories

Examiner: Video games in the past were only as good as the story they told. Sure, there were plenty of simple, fun-to-play games around, but the ones that really stuck with gamers were the ones with engaging storylines. Unfortunately, since the advent of 3D gaming, the story seems to have taken a back seat to graphics. For all of those gamers desperately searching for a good story in a fun game, here’s a list of some of the best plot-driven games this generation of consoles has to offer.

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trainsinrdr2709d ago

Mercs 2, Terminator Salvation and last but not least Alone in the Dark.

Arthas2709d ago

Strange list. Some good, some bad. I'm prolly gonna get alot of flak for saying this but I though Assassins creed 1 was boring.
Bring the hate.

MrSpace2709d ago

Final Fantasy XIII ....good story lol

Replace FF13 with something else.

FF13 story wasn't just confusing it was just crap all together unlike past FF games like 6,7,8,9 and even 10