PS3 Outsells Xbox 360 in Sales Estimates

Latest hardwares sales from VGcharts:


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PS3 Limps on and on4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

flamewar coming. Anyway, like I said. I don't trust VG charts, I'll take any PS3 success with a grain of salt.

Those are too low for worldwide totals. I think this is only for "Others region", in which case 360 fanboys can brag about the gap getting closer between PS3 and 360.

HarryEtTubMan4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

PS3 "success" is it or not. How lond are you going to continue saying things like this? The price dropped... it's a different game now... and what about next year when all the great games come out... still gonna be saying that?

And name the game franchises they have bigger than Final Fantasy... the 2nd most calued gaming franchise EVER, only behind Mario himself. How about Gran Turimo 3 which is number 3-5(sorry cant remember exactly) in games sold. Metal GEAR SOLID 4!!!! IN THE TOP 10 AND THE DEATH PROBALLY OF SOLID SNAKE!!! How about little big planet and Killzone 2... the 2 most hyped games voming out on ANY console next year. Dude you're in denial and you're a loser. You trying to hate on a system thats only been out 6 months in Europe. It's a BRAND NEW SYSTEM. I;m not saying the PS3 will be beating the Wii in the next 2-3 years. I don't know and either do you... so it really could. What I do know... is that the day Sony calls it quits on PS3 about 10 years from now... it will be in first place. Just like how you roofrellen... will have a PS3 in your home before its all said and done. We all have hated on it... including me... because they have DOMINATED TO THE CORE... even nintendo... BY DOUBLE for the last 2 generations. The Playstation has become a LEGEND in the video game realm. Like it, disagree ...whatever its very very true. The playstation 2 sold 125 million+ consoles. Playstation 1 sold 110 million. The closest brand to even COME CLOSE in Nintendo with the Super NES at about 75-80 million consoles. The Playstation took the all-time record and almost DOUBLED it. Everything to do with the Playstation involves the best quality on ANY system. PERIOD. They have AMAZING frachises that you will see and be forced to hear about for the whole future. PS3 isn't 40% defective. What do you not understand? Do you not BELIEVE that the junk box 360 is defective? Do you honestly and I mean HONESTLY.... think that by the time both consoles are finished selling... the 360 will even 30-40 million consoles close?(I'm talking worldwide)Buddy!!! IT WON'T! I Guarantee you. After seeing the 360's first 2 years of sales and releasing there BIGGEST HITS(YES HALO 3 IS WHAT MORE PEOPLE WILL BY A 360 FOR THAN ANYTHING)...that they can even break 50 million? I'm willing to bet you the seriously won't even come close. I'm not being naive. This willthe 360's absoutely number best holiday for it to sale good.... because at the end of next year it WILL NOT and I guarantee you... it will not be selling at the same pace as the PS3 anymore... and that gap is goin to grow more and more and more. As for the Wii who knows... if it sells 80-90 million... AMAZING. That doesn't mean the PS3 won't sell a ton. It will. I'm going to laugh so hard when we are looking at this 8-9 years later and it has even broken PS2's record. It probally will happen beacuse Sony knows what their doing. That's why we are witnessing the PS3 taking off right now. And it is JUST THE BEGINNING. Let the games begin.

Rooftrellen4054d ago

Wasn't PS3 success supposed to come with Lair and HS?

I'm not saying the PS3 won't have its day, but what makes you confident in PS3 success next year when the Wii has a stronger lineup (if you need it, I can look up the post I made about it), and the past AAA games didn't live up to the hype?

The_Engineer4053d ago

people ever said LAIR or HS would be console movers, they did say HS and LAIR would AAA. They were right with HS and off by one A on LAIR.

Rooftrellen4053d ago

You might not have seen it, but all I saw was "wait for lair," and "wait for HS" when people talked about low PS3 sales. I don't think they meant they were waiting for them for a good game, but maybe I was wrong.

However, in that case, I assume, we're not talking about FF13 or MGS being console movers, either, because they are mentioned in exactly the same way, but just are the proven franchises (or should I say rehashes, since people like to accuse Nintendo of that?)

Also, I wonder who I'm losing bubbles from. I made a rather bad remark about the PS3 quoting an artcle, this one got a lot of disagrees, adn the xbots are after me as well for all the RRoD jokes.

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Itachi4054d ago

good to hear but can you really trust VG Chartz

I dont

InMyOpinion4053d ago

VG Shats is as trustworthy as me saying: "Well, I think I have a hunch that the PS3 might be selling pretty well...kinda. And the 360 is also selling well, but I don't know...maybe not as well or...umm...and the Wii. Yeah, it's pretty neat isn't it? Hey! Over there! *gone*"

ATLRoAcH4054d ago the DS is selling like crazy, dang!

MK_Red4054d ago

Sad to see PS3 and 360 still being outsold by Wii. What is wrong with people? With none of BioShock, Halo 3, Ratchet & Clank TOD, Orange Box, VF5 360, COD4 being on Wii, why people buy it? Because of Wii Play and Wii Sports of course...

Bonsai12144054d ago

because like it or not, Wii is the in thing. everyone wants in to it. it was like pogs in the early 90s. it was so cool to win them, beat other people for theirs. then they realized how overrated and a waste of money it was, then your pogs get left in a dusty box at the bottom of the basement. (at least thats where mine are..)

on topic: don't trust VG charts, but i would expect this trend anyways, because of the price drop and people are educated enough to know that heavy hitting games are coming.

MK_Red4054d ago


As for VGcharts, they are estimating and their overall results are usually correct specially for NA. I know this is world wide sales but still their predictions are pretty close usually.

Ignorant Fanboy4054d ago

When girls come over, they want to play Wii.

When Guys come over, they want to play PS3 & 360

Girls dont like sitting around watching you play Halo 3.

If you want to play videogames while the girls are over, get a Wii.

Unless you dont like girls, in that case, get a Wii.

Thats just how things go in my hood, could be different where you live, but I doubt it.

MK_Red4054d ago

You've got a point. Rayman Rabbids does wonders when girls are around ;)

cmrbe4054d ago

It's one of the biggest reason why wii is doing well.

Vizion264054d ago

Maybe people are buying the Wii, which is almost outselling 360 and PS3 combined, because of games like Metroid Prime 3, Zelda, Zack and Wiki, Trauma Center, Wii Sports, Resident Evil 4, and upcoming games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Galaxy, Wii Fit, Nights etc. I don't know, it's just a theory.

Vizion264054d ago

Maybe people are buying the Wii, which is almost outselling 360 and PS3 combined, because of games like Metroid Prime 3, Zelda, Zack and Wiki, Trauma Center, Wii Sports, Resident Evil 4, and upcoming games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Galaxy, Wii Fit, Nights etc. I don't know, it's just a theory.

lonestarmt4053d ago

nope. Considering that wii game sales are the lowest, and many studies say only 1/3 of people who have a wii actually play it on a regular basis. I think the pog theory is right. Seriously if you only have a wii you are missing out on what next gen gaming is all about. Why do you think third party devs are still afraid of making games on it?? and if your sole reason of getting is to get girls, then thats sad and you need to look at yourself and wonder what your doing wrong, because its just sad...

Its simple name kids want a new game machine the wii is the cheapest. Game devs know this, if you compare how many kids game that are on the wii to the true next gen system, its laughable how many are on the wii. You said resident evil 4?? a game that came out on the gamecube about four years ago??? Like I said before in other threads, my brother doens't even play games, but he was like wow whats this wii thing everyone is talking about, went out and got one, and hasn't got a single game for it. Thats why its doing so well. You have some gamers buying it, but you got people buying for old people's homes for God's sake(how hard are the games on it), basicilly you got people who don't even play games buying it. My mom even wants one, and I ask her what do you want on it? she says I don't know, its just cool, and I like wii sports. That game has got to be the best killer app of all time. My mom for heaven's sake who has never held a controller in her hand her whole life. Thats why its winning, its casual. Thats one reason why I hope wii doesn't win, it would mean gaming would change as far as we know it. Everything will be geared towards casual gamers, and I mean casual. People just want it, because people want it. lol.

Imagine a world where game devs look at it and say, now would old folks want to play this, will soccor moms want to play this? would girls want to play this?? thats fine, but say goodbye to your call of duties, your halo's, your uncharted, your GT5, your devil may cry's, your true final fantasy games, your bioshock, your unreal, your warhawk. Its a scary thought.

Play B3yond4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

the xbox and ps3 is more for hardcore gamers...the wii is for the casual gamers...theres ALOT more casual gamers than hardcore gamers so thats why the wii is selling like crazy...(im a hardcore gamer 4 lyfe!!!) And lol my family is the same exact way they all want a wii and im like wtf? you ppl never even seen a videogame b4 and you want a wii

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the worst4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

good to hear i dont trust VG