July 19th Brings The Rain To Mortal Kombat, Get Kenshi Free

On July 19th, Rain will be available for download on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. If you were watching and tried to get your hands on our free Skarlet code but missed out, here is your chance to save the $5 on Kenshi.

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JLesinski2326d ago

Great giveaways. Who doesn't love to save 5 bucks?

CrimsonEngage2326d ago

The real question is who is going on the "disagree" rampage here on N4G? How can anyone disagree with saving $5? Morons, that's who!

rezzah2326d ago

Funny you should get more disagrees than agrees.

Shows how much they know they fail.

DTMBSquid2326d ago

Rain's pretty sweet, but I'm thrilled with Kenshi. If anyone hasn't gotten him yet, they should.

CommonCent2321d ago

Its created content, we aren't talking Capcom like behavior where you pay for new skin colors...

Nate-Dog2326d ago

He actually looks pretty darn cool, I might actually get this and start playing MK9 again since I've sort of stopped for a while.

Ares842326d ago

Isn't MK racist??? Some dude went to great lengths about it the other day. :D

Arthas2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Is Rain black now?

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