Naughty Dog Wants Jak and Daxter on PS3

He stated that many people within Naughty Dog are dying to work on a new Jak and Daxter game utilizing the same technology interface that was used in Uncharted.

"I'm more impressed with the hardware the longer we get to work with it. Imagining trying to develop Uncharted without the Blu-ray drive, without the hard drive, or without the Cell processor makes me wonder what kind of game we would have ended up with. It certainly would have required a lot more compromises than I would have been comfortable making. And much like the PS2, I think the longer developers work with the machine, the better the games are going to get. For instance we are only using approximately 1/3 of the processing power of the SPUs on the Cell processor in Uncharted."

Sounds like Playstation 3 owners are in for another treat...

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DeckUKold4057d ago

No Sly cooper =wack R&C = greatness J&D= Godly why didn't they do uncharted a launch tittle and and J&D next year love those two there legends

Gamespot-equals-EGM4057d ago

You can have Jak and Daxter, I'm still waiting for a Mario game to come out on the ps3. Who knows maybe Nintendo will make a surprise announcement at the last minute this holiday season.

I'm holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed.

Cacolaco4057d ago

Seriously, the only way Sony will ever get Mario is if it pulls a Sega and decides to get out of the console business.

If the Wii is any indication of Nintendo's future in the console market, then I would say that the Playstation 3 is likely to get Mario never.

Of course if that statement was intentionally a joke, then I retract my comment =P

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Itachi4057d ago

Jak and daxter on ps3 would be awesome

Bonsai12144057d ago

i hope they recognize their vision from jax 2, where they had a city as a hub for everything. but this time around, the city would be HUGE. a la GTAiv, and have everything take place in the city or around it.

Skerj4057d ago

That's what I'm hoping man, I was playing R&C and thinking of Jak III and thought it'd be awesome if they do one. The draw distance man, I could see enemies walking on an island on the opposite side of the planet. Jak would greatly benefit from stuff like that.

akaFullMetal4057d ago

1/3 power of the spu's for uncharted, wow, can't wait to see what they can do with the ps3's hardware in a couple of years

Real gamer 4 life4057d ago

omg jak and dexter, yes please.

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The story is too old to be commented.