TLR: Duke Nukem Forever Review

Emilio of TLR writes "Duke has a primitive grunt in nearly every task he does, whether it’s an unrealistic jump while looking in the mirror, lifting weights, or getting knocked down."

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RickHiggity2715d ago

Do we really still need to see every review from every 13 year old with a blog? we get it. the game isn't that great. lets all move on with our lives.

bacrec12715d ago

Thanks, sweet, because im pretty sure you didn't have to click on it. Look up at the left hand corner for a second. Yeah.

RickHiggity2714d ago

I suppose I didn't have to. but the game has been out for over a month. How many more of these are going to show up on n4g?

Close_Second2714d ago

Come on. Where are all those who are so easily persuaded by hype that thought this was going to be a great game?