Projected Nov. & Dec. Hardware Sales by Region (Americas/Others/Japan)

Video Game Chartz' The Source details an interesting projected November and December hardware sales estimate for all active consoles by region. This is Part 1 and features the Americas. More within...

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PS3 Limps on and on3912d ago

Man, do yourself a favor and don't even look at it. It's not even worth stressing over.

Hapimeses3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Hmm, not impressed with this forecast. For example, Uncharted isn't mentioned in the prospective PS3 best-selling games (indeed, the game doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere). Not good.

Oh, and if you disagree, please say why. It's hard to argue against nothing.


Real gamer 4 life3912d ago

What is this article soppust to be about?

OOG FunK3912d ago

interesting...I guess we will see what the numbers show in a few weeks.

And for the person saying that they never mentioned uncharted....prob for the fact that outside of the gamers who research about games most people dont even know what it is or even care because it has not been out to catch the eyes of the general public yet....hence it does not have selling power yet

Hapimeses3912d ago

Well, given that there will be a £1,000,000+ campaign to promote Uncharted in the UK alone, it seems everyone will know about it pretty soon. Discounting a game with that support seems pretty daft to me.