MLB 11 The Show Predicts the 2011 All-Star Game

Posted by Eric Levine: It’s that time of year again…Major League Baseball’s Midsummer Classic, where the best and brightest stars will battle it out for bragging rights and home-field advantage in the World Series. For this year’s prediction, we’ve tapped the top-rated, most authentic resource available – MLB 11 The Show. What did we find out? After simulating tonight’s 2011 All-Star Game, the win will go to the National League All-Stars, who will make it two in a row after a 13-year winless streak, hanging on to beat the American League by a score of 5-3 at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Game0N2714d ago

well its 5-1 now...pretty close thus far!

jdktech20102714d ago

More importantly, does anyoen care about all star games in any sport at this point? Baseball and NBA are mildly interesting I guess