Netflix Streaming on Your Console? You Now Have to Pay Separately

Netflix is separating instant streaming from their in-mail Blu-ray/DVD options. Streaming will now cost $7.99. If you still want to have the option for DVDs and Blu-rays, you're going to have to spring for a second package, which start at about $7.99. If you want both, you have to pay for each separately.


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insertcoin2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

So continues the trend of having to pay for things that used to be free.

sphinct2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Not a big deal for me. . I've been planning on canceling the disk portion of my Netflix for a while now because I so rarely think of the disks. I almost exclusively use the streaming aspect.

In some ways I do miss going to ye old rental store, but at the same time the convenience of streaming would be missed too if it suddenly disappeared.

qface642716d ago

the reason why that blows is because the streaming selection they have on netflix is a joke
its nowhere and i mean NOWHERE near what the offer on DVD

RememberThe3572716d ago


They're saying that this will allow them to bolster their streaming offering. Apparently their negotiating new licensing deals with the studios. and as DVD subscriptions go down this will save them money on infrastructure allowing them to invest more in the streaming content.

slayorofgods2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )


It is costing netflix millions of dollars to secure what streaming they do have, not to mention just recently Sony pulled every movie off from the Netflix now streaming library just because they wanted millions of extra dollars on top of what netflix already pays from their deal with Stars. Sony asking for money from Netflix is the same as Sony asking Netflix's consumers for more money, who do you think is going to pay for it?

With all that said, I think netflix is doing a reasonable job on not screwing over their consumers with this extra revenue they need to generate.

squallheart2716d ago

@slayer, the issue wasnt that sony wanted more cash, its that when both sony and netflix made the deal they went through a third party. It also stated that the original had a cap of how many users it could have and they are working on a new deal. Please search before u post this was posted 2 months ago.

ikkokucrisis2716d ago

uh oh, time to pull my shares out
sell, sell, sell

slayorofgods2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )


ok maybe I'm being to harsh on Sony, it takes away from potential Sony DVD revenue. Fair point.

But still this doesn't exclude my point from being valid. Netflix's deal with Stars! (the third party that has some Sony movies) will most likely cost 4 or 5 times the amount it has in the past.

This is only one of many examples as to why Netflix needs more revenue so consumers will have newer movies. Netflix streaming used to have zero new movies when it started at its cheap price point. If you've read other news articles on netflix you'd see exactly how much money they are spending to have a current library. It is millions upon millions of dollars per deal. Straight up netflix needs more revenue, but at the same time they need to stay affordable. I think their plan is one of the better ones for this factor.

gamingdroid2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

This was one of the reasons I why was uncertain about Netflix profitability. Although, they state they are making money (in the financials), I can't see how they could make money off multiple people streaming from one account. Price is now hopefully in line.


Before, I was considering pulling out. Now that they have a much more robust and viable pricing strategy, I think I'm keeping my shares. There is still no real competitor to Netflix and they now got Star Trek.

Anon19742716d ago

Forgot they had a mail DVD service. In Canada we only have the streaming option, and that's new. I understand it pales in comparison to what they have in the US. Stupid CRTC...

MaxXAttaxX2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

If you ONLY either streamed or had DVDs mailed, now it's cheaper.

RedDragan2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Someone above said Sony do not want more money. Actually that is wrong and there are plenty of articles on news sites that explain the situation.

Basically NetFlix was on it's own, the only player in the market offering a streaming service for movies. That gave NetFlix power to control the negotiations and they got a cheap rate to pay to the royalty holders.

But now there are more players involved, including companies like Amazon, Apple and soon to be Google. All of these have much deeper wallets than NetFlix can ever hope for, and they will be willing to pay alot more for the rights to show streamed content.

It means the NetFlix will now have to build up a little warchest of cash for these licencing fee's, and that is where the remodelling of the subscription comes in. So if NetFlix don't do this, then NetFlix goes bust.

This is reported in many news outlets and by NetFlix itself. Those companies who own the movies do want more money, Sony included. So let's see the Sony fanboys click the disagree button like they are high on speed. I got facts, you got a little while yet to pass through pubity.

And if you bought shares in Netflix and didn't know there are competitors, then I suggest you don't bother getting into the business of buying and selling shares because you are clearly over your head when you can't see other companies.

AAACE52715d ago

I know it was said that Netflix was trying to get all of their content on instant streaming. I wonder if they finally have it ready and if so, does it include new releases?

If it does, then it's ok with me. Because I really don't care about the dvd's anyway! I would rather stream everything like I have been doing.

antz11042715d ago

Hey, if this means they can improve their selection for the instant que, Im all for it. Its going to get to a point anyway where the entire library is streaming. Its about time they started facilitating that.

Now all they need is a search option for the PS3 app.

GodsHand2715d ago

@ antz1104

Press the green triangle button!

Kleptic2715d ago

got the email yesterday...

I have a plan for unlimited streaming, and one DVD/BD by mail for $11.99...I regularly use both, although I rarely use the DVD by mail thing for new movies (as I always get the 'very long wait' report before the movie is even released) I just use the PSN rent feature for those...but I DO use it for the stuff that is not on streaming, which is about 85% of their catalog...

so 2 things need to happen to keep me as a subscriber...A) their streaming system needs a major overhaul content wise before Sept. 1st...or B) they need to better gauge demand for certain films, 100% pay whatever possible to get that 28 day wait bullshit from certain publishers...or ideally...both...

I do like how easy it is through a PS3...and is far cheaper through a subscription than individual rentals through the PSN (which ALREADY is miles ahead of netflix's streaming service, even with just rentals let alone what you can fully purchase...its just expensive)...

do that, and i'll stick around...but Netflix has been too busy giving me about 2,000,000 comedy central crap stand up comic recommendations through streaming...the service is getting pretty pointless for me any more...Seems like the more films i rate and like, the more they push unfunny people at me...

sinclaircrown2715d ago

So one month of Netflix is the same as 8 days of one movie per day from Redbox.

Same as 8 TV shows you can download from iTunes.

Can anyone tell me where to get a library of titles like Netflix streaming for just $8 per month? I really can't find the time to watch a lot of the stuff on there. And I'd be surprised they way some of you talk on here that you have ANY time to watch Netflix. I thought all the games were taking up all of your time??

antz11042715d ago

@ Godshand,

Thank you my friend!!! Just got my PS3 last week and I've only used the app 2x's. I will now proceed to pull my size 10 right out of my mouth :D

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tplarkin72716d ago

This is just the beginning of the dying disc format. Streaming is the future.

blumatt2716d ago

I'd say it's the distant future at best. In the U.S, at least, reliable and speedy internet connections still aren't as prevalent as what it would take for streaming to take over discs (DVD, Bluray). Until I can get a 50MB connection out in the sticks (country slang lol), I'm not going fully streaming. Plus, with discs, we can let friends borrow games and movies. With streaming, you simply cannot (yet anyway).

In Japan, however, I'd say streaming COULD potentially take over relatively soon. (~6-7 years) They enjoy internet connections around the gigabit range. That's wicked fast!! I wish the U.S. would catch up to those types of speeds so I never have to deal with the word "buffering" again. lol

darthv722716d ago

you dont need super duper speed internet. Netflix uses silverlight which is a much better streaming engine than they had when it was flash. So really good quality streaming can be achieved on as little as 3mbps speed. Maybe even as low as 1.5.

Obviously the faster the higher the quality but even that depends on what you are watching it on. 360 does an excellent job because it uses silverlight to the fullest extent from the netflix servers over xbox live. The wii is ok because of the restricted 480p streams but it still can be watched on 1.5mbps.

More and more companies are getting into the on demand business with streaming through the pc and console or over services like xfinity and uverse which are both IP based services. Even the iphone and (more than likely) the ps vita will do streaming.

I wouldnt say distant future but more like in your face present.

SpinalRemains1382716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

That'd be true and great for Netflix if their library didn't resemble a late 80s video store.

We're gonna need a little more than Law and Order and 80s horror flicks.

slapedurmomsace2716d ago

Streaming can be achieved @1.5, but it won't be HD, and also, who knows if streaming is the future, if ISP's decide like some already have, that unlimited isn't the way to go. Comcast has a 250 gig limit, and I think turner does too. Tiers internet is the future in my opinion and that could grossly put a damper on streaming, and definately will on HD streaming.

RedDragan2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )


Having a 1Gbps sync speed does not give you a 1Gbps internet connection. You find me a website that will give you 1Gbps downloads.... you will only get something like that on a P2P service and expensive dedicated hardware in a PC. The network cards in the extreme majority of PCs could not ever hope to sustain that sort of transfer, and the modem/routers on the shelves certainly could not ever sustain that sort of speed of transfer.

You are looking at £2,000 for the modem, £2,000 for the switch, £500+ for the network card in the PC.

That 1Gbps sync speed is for businesses to take advantage of to send their data between their own buildings. There is no home user in Japan with less than a few million £'s in their bank account with that sort of equipment lying around.

Jazz41082716d ago

Reddragan pubity is spelled puberty. Just letting you know.

AAACE52715d ago

@Blumatt... But Netflix allows you to have instant streaming on up to 5 items!

A guy I work with told me he used it on his 360. His son uses it on his Ps3. His daughter uses it on the Wii. His mom uses it on her PC. His aunt in florida uses it.

All on his single account!

RedDragan2715d ago

@Jazz... my spelling is awful... just look at my user name lol

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LOGICWINS2716d ago

"Streaming will now cost $7.99."

Isn't that the way its always been?

qface642716d ago

you will no longer be able to rent out their DVD's IF you take the streaming option

its either 1 or the other not both

LOGICWINS2716d ago

^^Thats great for me. I never cared for the rent option.

qface642716d ago

no its not great your getting rid of an extra option that is good while getting nothing in return for the same price

if the streaming had the exact same library of movies as their DVD rentals then its all good
but streaming so far is terrible and they always remove movies off their streaming list

darthv722716d ago

you think they wont up the number of selectable titles for streaming? If newer movies are being made available in on demand services like xfinity or uverse dont you think netflix will be able to get those same movies?

There is a reason they dont have the same lineup and that was because the saturation of streaming clients was far lower than the physical rental ones. Now more and more are using their consoles and bluray players and even web enabled tv's to stream content.

So to think netflix would just shun that market is crazy. I would actually be surprised if they continued to promote the dvd rental portion as much as they do over the next 2-5 years. They see an upswing in streaming users and a decline in disc users. This gap between libraries will shrink and ultimately be surpassed by the streaming portion.

You can bet on that.

Bzone242716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"you will no longer be able to rent out their DVD's IF you take the streaming option

its either 1 or the other not both"

That's not true. The steaming is $7.99 and $11.99 for the 2 at a time dvds. You can have both for 19.98. Just got the email from Netflix. It's not a one or the other only deal.

Legion2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I think the article got it wrong. The mail-in DVD option will now cost you more. Streaming has always cost me $7.99 and I never used the mail-in option.

And why are they labeling this as a console thing? It is the same for PC streaming. Which is what I use to stream my videos.

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TheBrit2716d ago

I'm confused by this heading. you ALWAYS had to pay for netflix one way or another and it was always free to stream to your ps3 or if you had xbox live or a wii - they are not charging you for having any of those and can still stream - you have always had to have a netflix account of some sort.

roguewarrior2716d ago

Netflix just raised the rates in January, my plan( 3 Dvd/Blu-Rays unlim. stream.)went from $22 to $25. Now they are raising it again 6 months later, not a happy consumer I am.

subtenko2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

WTF!! NETFLIXXxxxxx! If you do this then make ALL titles available online at least. Someone will find a way around this ay? Netflix is probably influence by the antics of M$, COD, EA, etc.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree that Netflix is getting greedy.

(Edit) Seriously, people will find an alternative to stream maybe, ya know...on the internet, movie streaming...unless if people spread the word that gets shutdown... reply on what you think about this. Redbox is a factor for dvd rental too I guess. Or blockbuster could offer a better deal than Netflix, nows their only chance.

sinclaircrown2715d ago

Make everything available on streaming??? I can't imagine how they didn't think of this on their own man.

You should call them and tell them to do that. You should probably write them a check for about 1billion dollars while you're at it.

Or, you could just deal with the little pricing structure change and wait for Transformers 4 to be streaming to your TV once Netflix gets deals in place.

sinclaircrown2715d ago

So continues the trend of people that think everything should be free.

I think the streaming service on Netflix is worth more than $8p/m. Hell its worth more than my direct TV service IMO!

Besides the "There's never anything good on Netflix" people, they'll do just fine under this pricing.

FYI there are literally thousands and thousands of amazing movies on Netflix. They just happen to be more than 1 or 2 years old.

Ares842715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Well I had to pay $13.99 so far for blu-ray and instant and I only watched instant and never rented any blu-ray movies. Now I will change my package to instant only because if I want something on blu-ray I will go out and buy it.

So the streaming service was never free. I don't know how people figured that.

fatstarr2715d ago

just the aspect of charging the consumer for everything and then company's wonder why people steal and pirate because when they do the right thing the all mighty hand comes back around to take more money from the consumers.

its all a ruse to keep profits every year.

Gordo7892715d ago

when exactly was the streaming ever free?

seinfan2715d ago

I didn't see anywhere in this article that streaming to a console costs extra. It'll still be $7.99 like it was. I never used the DVD portion myself, but I cancelled my subscription anyways because AT&T decided to go all asshole like Comcast and start putting bandwidth caps.

AEtherbane2715d ago

Not really surprised. Sony is going to begin to charge billions instead of millions for Netflix to use their content. So naturally Netflix has to charge more in order to not operate at a loss. Basic business, if you're angry, blame sony, not Netflix.

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lazertroy2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Tell me this Video Doesn't almost make you cry. I miss the 90's Sooo much.

BakedGoods2716d ago

I miss the 90's when you had to blow into the cartridge for it to load.

maniacmayhem2716d ago

I miss the days of cheat codes in the back of your gaming magazine.

YodaCracker2716d ago Show
Getowned2716d ago

XD!! Yodacracker bubbles

Spitfire_Riggz2716d ago

The funny thing is it always said WARNING DO NOT BLOW INTO THE CARTRIDGE lol

TheColbertinator2716d ago


You win the internet.

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maniacmayhem2716d ago

Hahaha, it was only a matter of time before Netflix would do this.

I pay 7.99 for streaming and ONE DVD out. I have never had a dvd sent to my house. If it's not available to stream then there are other options available...*evil grin*

Getowned2716d ago

cough cough pirate cough cough cough bay cough,,sorry some think was in my throat.

SantistaUSA2716d ago

Same here, I used to use their bluray movies, but then I found a better way to get it hehehe, and I have a blu ray from netflix since august of last year! :p Looks like i will have to return it now! :D lol

ASSASSYN 36o2716d ago

I already opted for streaming only. Redbox for the win.

barb_wire2716d ago

Until their server goes down or your IP does..

Sev2716d ago

Redbox requires me to leave the house. Too much work. Netflix my mailman takes from my mailbox and brings me the new disc.

ASSASSYN 36o2716d ago

Are you obese or something?

Gordo7892715d ago

Totally. The closest redbox for me is a 20 minute drive EACH WAY. Not worth it at all.

NukaCola2716d ago

What worse is some content that was streamable (like Jacki Brown) is now disc only. Netflix can stream it all but rather toy with the system, forcing users to buy both packages

kaveti66162716d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

What's great is that I can download all of those movies and television series in 1080p/720p quality from a high-speed server for absolutely no cost to me.

I tried to be a law-abiding citizen, but the truth as I see it is that these capitalist businessmen are playing dice with our lives. You might say, "What's a few dollars more?" But I say a few dollars more from everyone who subscribes to Netflix will pay for the yachts and the private resorts and the oceanside mansions and the hookers and blow for these money-grubbing CEOs who want us to pay more money for something we can find elsewhere. And when we do find it elsewhere they label us criminals, all under the banner of capitalism.

F**k this bullshit. I will not let this affect me in anyway and I'm tired of people like me being called criminals and low-lifes. You guys shouldn't enable this kind of foolishness. These assholes are ruining humanity, society, and any chance at happiness for the average human being.

Why o why2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Your sentiment was shared by the pc owners when ms tried to make them pay for live. They said eff that sht meng. There is a semi worthwhile tradeoff though. If they do bolster their dd movies it would probably benefit more customers as most tend to stream. I felt the same with lovefilm in the uk. Their streaming selection just wasnt comparable and i never had one disk delivered...not even to rent a game.

I agree with what you're saying apart from worrying about what people who dont walk in your shoes say. i watched pirated movies, go to the cinema on the regular and own over 400 dvds with a steady growing collection of blu rays...think ill let anybody tell me anything... they can jog on but yeah, give em an inch and they'll take a mile; That is the way capitalism works

kaveti66162716d ago

@why o why

If you're right - that is to say that if this new strategy will allow the company to add WAY more content to their streaming service (this includes more films and more popular television shows) - then maybe I jumped the gun in my criticism.

But I really don't believe that Netflix is doing this to benefit the end-user. Where I live, in CA, the price for just streaming is 7.99 USD. In order to get the one-at-a-time DVD added on to the streaming the total cost is 9.99 USD. To me this was a great deal. But by raising the cost without offering any solid reason other than blaming another industry (the film studios), Netflix is not reassuring the consumer.

Keep in mind that Netflix announced this new strategy at their shareholder's meeting. I bet the shareholder's were really happy about that.

And keep in mind that Netflix has never publicly announced the terms and figures of its contracts with the public.

Therefore, if Netflix claims that they have to raise prices because the movie studios are raising the prices, we can only take their word for it.

That doesn't sit well with me.

Anyway, I still believe that the top 2 percent of the company will benefit the most from the price hike. That's why I have absolutely no qualms about illegally obtaining the shows and films I wish to watch.

The executive producers and the CEOs are already millionaires. I am not keen on bending over to line their pockets.

rwarner1742716d ago Show
mastiffchild2716d ago

But, kaveti-we're all doomed to this. Netflix will say, with some truth,that the too are being squeezed by the owners of the movie and TV rights. In capitalism everyone gets squeezed but the guy at the top and everyone gets to do so,me squeezing except the guys at the bottom.

As someone who couldn't care less about material things,not really, and definitely not about ownership the more I see the more I feel that Marx was right and all property is theft. We are all conditioned to think the supply and demand thing makes the capitalist world turn but it's a .lie and the many cartels that ride us day in and day out show what bollox it all is. Democracy is just taking the place of religion as the pacifier to the masses-an illusion of power to shut us up as different puppets with the same outcomes ask to be elected to serve the same bankers and banking families election after election in country after country.

The apathy is the scary thing and it's even scarier that it won without anyone putting up a fight.

bozebo2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"Your sentiment was shared by the pc owners when ms tried to make them pay for live."

That's because all the services we use are already paid for by other people/useres, why pay MS aswell simply for introducing us? Still, better than XBL where users pay MS to use each others' connections for laggy peer to peer...

Anyway, this netflix thing seems quite fair. The problem is that they would deliberately limit some popular things from one or another service to force people to buy both - don't like that? Don't buy EITHER, give them none of your money.

Gordo7892715d ago

Entitled much?

The way to fight this thing is to cancel your subscription. Netflix raising their prices has nothing to do with you trying to legitimize your piracy.