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Kotaku: Is Sony Quietly Removing a PS3 Feature?

A tipster sends us rumored word (and image) of an incoming replacement model for the 160GB Playstation 3 which brings with it a change in the way some people will hook the console up to their HD television.

Update: This isn't Sony removing the component cables. Rather, this is Sony complying with the AACS Final Adopter that states no Blu-ray players may have analog outputs (component) starting in 2013. (PS3, Sony)

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M-Easy  +   1547d ago
If you want to slander Sony to Kotaku just to send a photoshopped picture and spell Sony correctly and boom you're a contributor. Gawker network at its best.
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GameSpawn  +   1546d ago
This is more just Kotaku perpetuating misinformation.

Look at the screen cap and article carefully and you'll find this is a GameStop announcement and NOT Sony.

GameStop is phrasing it this way so they can do two things:
1) Phase out and get rid of component cables
2) Make more money from HDMI cables which have a MUCH higher profit margin than component cables, because HDMI is to quote "More High Definition"

This is nothing more than GameStop taking advantage of uninformed and gullible customers to make more money. Unfortunately it leads to uninformed gullible employees perpetuating incorrect information and lies which then in turn ultimately feeds the fanboys, trolls, and fanboy trolls. Kotaku is one or more of those, I'll leave it to you to decide.
Fox01   1546d ago | Trolling | show
MaxXAttaxX  +   1546d ago
It's about component cables which don't give you the best HD picture in the first place.

For those future PS3 owners, get a decent HDMI cable online for $2.

How is that a downgrade? HDMI is still there and it's better than component.

This, IF true, is only a change for future PS3 models. It will NOT affect/change/remove anything on any current PS3 models.
bayport  +   1546d ago
I bet Hauppage isn't happy about this
Darkfocus  +   1546d ago
it sounds pretty legit actaully according to this http://www.afterdawn.com/gl...

any BLU ray player after 2013 will only be allowed to use HDMI for HD play back(it's a piracy protection thing, which is pointless because it'll be bypassed in a week...)

seems like sony's just complying early
BlackKnight  +   1546d ago

What are you smoking? Gamestop can't change the PS3's hardware internally to NOT support component cables. If anything, this is to make sure a Gamestop employees don't accidently sell component cables with a console that doesn't support it due to Sony.

This also means home users can't make any more HD videos of their PS3 games (like myself) since the PS3 encrpts EVEYRTHING that goes over HDMI, even if its a game or XMB. Xbox only encrypts when you watch a copyrighted movie/show/etc so you can record and making videos through HDMI.

For any new users of PS3 that want to record their games on this new system, you out out of luck. Also if your HDTV only has component, which many homes still have older 720P HDTV's with only that HD input type.
gamingdroid  +   1546d ago
Dang! That will put a show stopper to all the people that vidcap their game play and post it on YouTube!

With every major release, it seems the PS3 has features taken away. That really sucks!
sdtarm  +   1546d ago
@fox another troll? wow
Fox01  +   1546d ago
How am I trolling? Sony is obviously removing another feature from the PS3 and off course you guys are ok with it.
mastiffchild  +   1546d ago
No, fox,they're complying with a law that states any NEW iterations of ANY BR capable machines must be only HDMI output. How in the world are Sony beung out of order here? It's justthe usual Kotaku anti Sony hate train that Crecente encourages since he made a prick of himself over the Home story he published when he was in a position to garner his site some real trust with a major industry player. Kotaku could have been getting world exclusives from Sony now and that burns away at Brian as he knows it's all his own daft fault. Face it, it wasn't EVEN that good a scoop to start with.

Hence any article made with a hate angle toward Sony gets on his awful blog. Again Kotaku get it wrong about Sony and again only a half arsed climb down rather than the apology any site with ANY class would print when their mistake and lack of ANY fact checking becomes clear to everyone and their monkey. Gawker, FFS, sort the shit eating grin wearer out before he makes your entire network even more of an intellectual toilet. He just allows ANY story space that hates on this company-I don't want to suck Sony's corporate dongle but, Christ, they aren't deserving of any more hate than MS or Ninty but the way Kotaku paint it, or try to, you'd imagine Kaz and Ken sit about munching on babies.

Obviously Ken's now mental but surely not even he's a baby muncher these days, is he? Don't tell kotaku Isaid any of that or it will be a "fact" and get turned into another hate article for Brian Crecente's collection(he doesn't even care who writes them or where they come from or even if there's a whiff of truth about ANY of it as long as he can help his little crusade to make up for his own schoolboy editorial mess).
SilentNegotiator  +   1546d ago
Laws are killing off BR component support?

Friggin' ridiculous.
air1  +   1546d ago
Lmfao! if that's true that is crazy... Kotaku going on a story that was made up by gamestop to take advantage on hdmi sales.

Looks like gamestop fooled more then just gamers that don't know, they got kotaku too!

If this is true it makes me hate gamestop that much more cause I have family that don't know anything but the name Of the game.

I still don't get how they get away with selling an open box game at full price. I don't care if all they did open for a display box, it's open!
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Dee_91  +   1546d ago
i didnt even know you could get HD let alone watch a a movie in HD with component cables ...
AngryTypingGuy  +   1546d ago
Whatever. Sony, just give us cross-game chat already! I mean honestly, how long has it been now?
MaxXAttaxX  +   1546d ago
If you already have a PS3, there's no need to worry.
Nothing will change on current systems.
fr0sty  +   1546d ago
Guys, here's a little information from someone who authors Blu-Ray discs for a living.

Sony is NOT removing the ability to output via component from PS3. PERIOD. Gaming and even most movies will still output in HD via component. When you author a Blu-Ray disc, you have the option to set a flag that disables the video to be output in HD via an analog source such as component. If this flag is enabled, the output will still work, but the quality of the video will be downgraded to a lower resolution format when it is output to the TV. This only applies to Blu-Ray movies, which you should be using HDMI to watch anyway. Nothing has to happen at the hardware level of the PS3 in order for this change to take place. The only thing that has to happen is the BD disc author flipping that copyright bit to on before sending the disc off for mass production, and it's done.

This is something that had been agreed upon by the Blu-Ray disc association long ago, that all professionally produced discs will not allow full resolution HD output via component by 2013. Just enough time for PS3 to live out the vast majority of it's lifespan. You guys will likely be playing or preparing to buy a PS4 by the time this even takes effect. Just fear mongering by Kotaku.
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kikizoo  +   1546d ago
"With every major release, it seems the PS3 has features taken away. That really sucks! "

even if that kind of troll were right (but they don't), they forget that even with more"features taken" in the future, ps3 will always have more usefull features than their outdated system of choice :)
fr0sty  +   1546d ago
Also folks, to clarify since I've gotten messages about the issue, if you like to record your games with a HD PVR , you will not be affected by this.

Again, THIS IS NOT PS3 HAVING ANY HARDWARE/FEATURE REMOVED. The only change takes place on the actual Blu-Ray disc and ONLY FOR MOVIES. Component cables will still work just fine, however if you play one of the newer discs that has the mandatory analog copy protection (after 2013), it will be downgraded to just above standard definition unless you play it out over HDMI. GAMES ARE NOT AFFECTED IN ANY WAY AT ALL. PS3's HARDWARE IS NO DIFFERENT EITHER. ALL PS3's will see this change take place, because again, the change takes place on the blu-ray movie and not the game console itself. It's an authoring issue, the bd disc author just flips a switch and it disables HD output over component and downscales it instead.

I hope this clears things up a bit.
guitarded77  +   1546d ago
@ Fox01 (2nd post)
There is a difference between removing and feature and no longer supporting a feature. Removing a feature is like what they did with Linux... no longer supporting a feature is like how the 1st gen PS3's had 4 USB ports and the slim models only have 2. From this article, we can see that Sony will no longer be supporting color stream component HD on their next PS3 SKU, which is apparently going to be the case for other Blu-Ray devices by law. Sony is doing nothing wrong here. Kotaku are just sensationalizing the story with a crap headline. The story is actually very interesting, but many can't read past a headline.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1546d ago
Not sure how reliable this source is.
Let's wait and see.
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Hayabusa 117  +   1546d ago
A comment you said earlier:

"How is that a downgrade? HDMI is still there and it's better than component."

It is downgrade because the PS3 has less functionality. It won't affact it's image rendering capabilities but it's one less feature the PS3 has therefore it's a downgrade. And like it or not, being able to use HD with a component cable is usefull.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1546d ago
Also, like I've said before.

No one's PS3 will be downgraded. If you already have a PS3 then this doesn't affect you.
It only affects future PS3 models.
IF true.
Surfaced  +   1546d ago
This is the truth:


Sony has no choice but to kill Component support. All manufacturer's must do this soon.

But of course, Kotaku being Kotaku, they downplay the truth as a minor little "update" at the bottom, leaving the story up for a full-blown sensationalist frenzy in wake of Sony's other controversial headline-making decisions.
Dante112  +   1546d ago
Also, didn't Microsoft also stop including component cables when they revamped the Xbox line? As far as I know, the "slim" models don't come with them.

Edit: Lol at the "Sony evil" posts below even after the fact that Microsoft has also stop shipping component cables with Xbox360 (slims/revamps).

Edit2: And watch the edits lol....MOTY's the only guy still hyping the "Sony evil" theories now.
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TBM  +   1546d ago

even though you've given a link that clearly shows that all Blu Ray players will be required to remove component cable ports, and strictly use HDMI ports only there are a lot of simple people/haters in this article.

RIF=Reading is Fundamental

too many idiots/haters roaming this site.
Blaze929  +   1546d ago
I don't see why they'd do this for gaming though. Not only does it affect people who like to record their gameplay, but now it directly affects the gaming industry as a whole who use component cables to capture gameplay video, screenshots, and do previews/reviews etc.

PS3 is HDCP enabled preventing people from using hdmi to record gameplay. So we might see less to damn near no video footages of PS3 games anymore.

So I'm more interested in the backlash from the gaming community.
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Legion  +   1546d ago
I really doubt that this will have too much of an impact on video coverage on PS3 games.

Those that are currently providing coverage will still be able to do so as no update will change the current systems in use.

Of course if a new system is purchased without a mode of recording being available then yes... new systems will not be used for such coverage.

But seriously... bypass systems to record video is usually up and available within a month of any device being created. I don't see the HD cable requirement being to much of a hinderance in video coverage.
fr0sty  +   1546d ago
Read my post above. This affects gaming in no way, shape, or form.
bozebo  +   1546d ago
Stupidest law ever and it wont make any tiny difference to piracy at all. If somebody wants to rip a Blu-Ray they stick it in their PC and click rip...
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subtenko  +   1546d ago
If you already have a ps3 dont worry, if you dont have a ps3 tell your parents to go ahead a buy you one since they are a weeks work of a paycheck! Good gosh you people... trolls..

HDMI is better anyway

Agree of Disagree if you Agree :)
lazertroy  +   1547d ago
Kotaku go eat a you know wut!
trainsinrdr  +   1547d ago
I remember EA removed godfather dlc behind everyones backs but at then end of the day it is EA.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1546d ago
why is that even a big deal?!
EA removing DLC behind everyones back. oh man, that really hurts... (-_-)...
Not that I cared or would even purchase the DLC in the first place.
blumatt  +   1546d ago
@trainsinrdr & Army of Darkness
I wish all these companies would remove paid dlc. Put the content on the disc before the game releases OR, if you they must release it as dlc, make it FREE. Hell, if a gamer were to have bought Black Ops at launch and then bought every subsequent dlc map pack, they would have spent at this point around $100 or more. That's ridiculous!! DLC should either be FREE, on the disc, or non-existent. DLC is the biggest cash-in of this generation. And, sadly, it's working. The last dlc I bought was the map pack for CoD4 and it only cost me $10. The new map packs are $15, which is overpriced. I'm done supporting dlc. I commend some devs. this gen who have given us free dlc after the release. That's more like it. Kind of like a "Thank you, customer. We appreciate your support." instead of Activision's thought process where they say,"Keep on sucking at the DLC teet!" lol All I can say is that's some expensive a$$ milk, Activision!! haha

About this whole removal of features BS, I don't think it's a big deal if they remove component support from the new models. Anyone that's going to purchase a new PS3 within the next year most likely has an HDMI-equipped HDTV anyway. HDMI cables can be had for around $2-3 on Amazon. There's frugal and there's just plain cheap. Go spend $3 and get it over with.
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Arthas  +   1546d ago
Wouldnt be the first time but seriously... who uses this option? Anyone?

Expect a hack from Anon over the loss of the High def component cable option lol
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1546d ago
Those things are bad quality anyways lol.
starcb26  +   1546d ago
I still use components since I ruined my HDMI slot.
@ Arthas On the TV.
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Arthas  +   1546d ago
On the TV or PS3?
Arthas  +   1546d ago
Before you know it, Kotaku will be writing up a slander article about how Sony is taking out the lightbulb on the power / eject button.
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yess  +   1546d ago
There newer was a lightbulb, it's a smurf with a box of matches;-)
Arthas  +   1546d ago
bubs for lols!
Simco876  +   1546d ago
People need to start converting to HDMI anyways.

And don't complain about the price, you can buy them online for $5
goku32359  +   1546d ago
lol i saw some on amazon for 99 cents
badz149  +   1546d ago
bought it for 99 cents
In 2008. It was damn cheap so I grabbed 3. 1 for tv, 1 for monitor and 1 for backup. Now, I use the backup one for my hd projector. Money well spent.
DrRichtofen  +   1546d ago
That sucks don't you need component to record HD Gameplay like with one of those Hauppage PVR's?
Darkfocus  +   1546d ago
that's exactly why their removing it...it's a bluray piracy protection thing...
Legion  +   1546d ago
Just taking a quick look it appears a few devices have digital HD recording capabilities. Just one example here:

I might be reading those specs incorrectly but it appears that you would be able to plug in an HD from the PS3 for games to be recorded? If not then I am sure it will be available soon enough.
R834  +   1546d ago
That looks like a nice card.

Unfortunately, if you look at the copy protection line, that pretty much confirms it can't as the PS3 already uses copy protected HDMI output.
Legion  +   1546d ago
But isn't that just for the video playback? Would it also be for the games? Seems odd that the games would be protected in such a way.

Oh well... regardless I am sure some device is going to step up and be able to handle the transfer of image. I am assuming just a simple process of finding a middle device to go from Hd input to analog sigal that can go composite if needed?

What about VGA? I have cables that hook directly up through VGA cabels for my xbox 360. Does PS3 have VGA cables?
Laypoof  +   1546d ago
You know what, I hope it comes true. Using composite cables on a ps3 is a crime!
CobraKai  +   1546d ago
I think you mean "component". But still, your comment is correct. Composite offers the worst picture even if it is SD.
vickers500  +   1546d ago
You still need composite cables for certain ps3 headsets (like my Turtle Beach P11). I'm in need of a new ps3, but I wont be buying the newest model. I'll wait for the prices of the current model to drop to the price of the model soon to come.
Legion  +   1546d ago
Yes composite cables are the Red, Yellow, white setup and are awful. Component cables though give you an HD video output using the Blue, Green, Red video and white, red for audio.

And it is hard to see much difference in quality from HDMI capable and component cables. Though there is a certain level of quality upgrade with HDMI cables from component.

But I think the article is talking about component cables and not composite cables which are different... but easily confused with the similar name.
iGaMei  +   1546d ago
For people who seem to think HDMI is so superior to Component is WRONG!

What are HDMI and Component Video?
HDMI and Component Video both are video standards which support a variety of resolutions, but which deliver the signal from the source to the display in very different ways. The principal important difference is that an HDMI cable delivers the signal in a digital format, much the same way that a file is delivered from one computer to another along a network, while Component Video is an analog format, delivering the signal not as a bitstream, but as a set of continuously varying voltages representing (albeit indirectly, as we'll get to in a moment) the red, green and blue components of the signal.

Both HDMI cable and Component Video cable deliver signals as three discrete color components, together with sync information which allows the display to determine when a new line, or a new frame, begins. The HDMI cable delivers these along three data channels in a format called T.M.D.S., which stands for "Transition Minimized Differential Signaling." Big words aside, the T.M.D.S. format basically involves a blue channel to which horizontal and vertical sync are added, and separate green and red channels (though HDMI can also be configured to use "color-difference" colorspace--see below).

Component Video is delivered, similarly, with the color information split up three ways. However, component video uses a "color-difference" type signal, which consists of Luminance (the "Y", or "green," channel, representing the total brightness of the image), Red Minus Luminance (the "Pr," or "Red," channel), and Blue Minus Luminance (the "Pb," or "Blue," channel). The sync pulses for both horizontal and vertical are delivered on the Y channel. The display calculates the values of red, green and blue from the Y, Pb, and Pr signals.

Both signal types, then, are fundamentally quite similar; they break up the image in similar ways, and deliver the same type of information to the display, albeit in different forms. How they differ, as we'll see, will depend to a great extent upon the particular characteristics of the source and display devices, and can depend upon cabling as well.

So, which is better, HDMI or component? The answer--unsatisfying, perhaps, but true--is that it depends. It depends upon your source and display devices, and there's no good way, in principle, to say in advance whether the digital or the analog connection will render a better picture. You may even find, say, that your DVD player looks better through its HDMI output, while your satellite or cable box looks better through its component output, on the same display. In this case, there's no real substitute for simply plugging it in and giving it a try both ways.

Source one of many
SuperStrokey1123  +   1546d ago
Nice wall of text but in general HDMI is better, plus you get more features along with stuff like 3D which you may or may not want but its still good to have more options rather than less.
iGaMei  +   1546d ago
Video quality wise its about the same plus if you needed things like 3d you would already have a hdmi input . There is many ways around this though simply buying a A/V receiver will do most of the work .

My point is this I can hook up a XBOX 360 on 1 tv via Component and a second one via Hdmi and you would not be able to tell the difference .
MaxXAttaxX  +   1546d ago
Even on Xbox 360 there's a difference.
Sure, Halo 3 is sub HD, but look at the difference.

Overall, HDMI wins thanks to awesome audio.
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Legion  +   1546d ago
Wow... you must have good eyes Nathan. I racked my brain trying to spot the differences between those three shots and just couldn't spot them.

You sure those three shots aren't the exact same picture???
Hayabusa 117  +   1546d ago
lol, I love the reply SuperStroley:

"That's a well worded arguement you have there but I'm not even going to pretend to have read it and say: HDMI IS TEH WIN! BCOSE ITZ DIGITALZ!!!!!!!"
bozebo  +   1546d ago
The component screenshot is a tiny little bit darker in some areas. Look at the diagonal side of the gap in the wall to the left, with an orangy-red colouring to it. But on an actual TV that would be irrelevant.

Anyway, generally - HDMI shouldn't be affected by interference but I have never seen interference cause problems for a component image either...
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kneon  +   1546d ago
Try using cheap component cables and you will likely see a difference. HDMI being digital tends to either work perfectly or not at all. Component cables can pick up interference that can degrade the signal. Good component cables shouldn't have much, if any such problems.

So if you campare cheap HDMI vs cheap component cables the HDMI will likely win in most cases. If you use good component cables then there is usually no discernible difference.

But unless you are running very long distances then don't bother buying "high quality" HDMI cables, they are just made to rip off people who don't know any better.
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Human Analog  +   1546d ago
The major difference between the two are as follows. Component is analog, therefore it is susceptible to interference, and static from anything like a high-powered AV unit, or even a powerstrip. If you don't believe me then look at how those inductive voltage meters work. They don't even have to touch the source. It just bleeds into it.

HDMI being digital IS NOT prone to interference. And it can not only carry 1080p HD video, but also 8 discrete channels of audio. For those of you counting that is pure uncompressed 7.1 surround.

So with only one cable that I can buy online for under $15. Don't let those pushers at any and all box stores tell you otherwise. It is just a digital signal, and therefore unless you are running 500ft of it, the amount of shielding, and connector-ends don't really mean crap.

With component you not only need a cable that has the three ends for RGB, but also an optical cable if you want to match the audio quality of HDMI. Optical cables are usually a bit more expensive, $20-30, Plus the $15 or so for the component. It is already more expensive, and not any better, just more wires to clutter up your system.
SlyFoxC  +   1546d ago
and also Optical Cables can only do up to 5.1
mindedone  +   1546d ago
I have a 7.1 receiver that does not have standby pass through. When I don't want to spend excess money keeping my 1000 watt receiver on, I use a component video run to the tv, which is on the other side of the room. So now, I don't have to plug and unplug anything, and I don't have to purchase 100ft hdmi cables. Maybe with my next receiver this hookup won't be necessary, but I'm not gonna drop another 700 dollars for one feature.
SlyFoxC  +   1546d ago
well that was a bunch of garbage....you do know that component can not do 1080p right.....only goes up to 1080i.....hdmi on the other hand...does 1080p and 3D...so the next time you feel like you need to publish a book...dont....
EvolZero  +   1546d ago
Component can do 1080p....

Next time you wanna be a smartass get your facts straight.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1546d ago
dude you wrote a bible here when you coulda just linked it from the wesite directly
SuperStrokey1123  +   1546d ago
Even if true who cares? Does anyone even use component anymore? Everyone that already has a ps3 has ntohing to worry about and someone that doesnt have one and is getting one wont know anything different cause it will be status quo for them. THats not removing a feature at all.
AstroZombie1  +   1546d ago
How do you think console gameplay gets on youtube in HD?
Caffo01  +   1546d ago
hdmi capture cards?
DrRichtofen  +   1546d ago
^ PS3 is HDCP enabled preventing people from using hdmi to record gameplay. Though there is a way to get around it but it is tedious.
Ilikegames76  +   1546d ago
HD video cam on tripod facing the HDTV with all the lights off.
bozebo  +   1546d ago
yes Ilikegames76, that's exactly how LoT will do it!
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RyuCloudStrife  +   1546d ago
composite cables for HD?
just use an HDMI
wenaldy  +   1546d ago
RF cable > HDMI

im joking :)
Redempteur  +   1546d ago
So use something else than HDMI for HD these days ?
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1546d ago
Wait...what? I thought the slims couldn't use component cables anyway?
DJ  +   1546d ago
Nope, my Slim uses component
CaliGamer  +   1546d ago
If you are looking for a great set of cables and don't want to pay an arm and a leg "COUGH MONSTER CAUGH...".

Go to monoprice.com, they will set you up right.
Human Analog  +   1546d ago
True. I shop there too. Don't fall for the propaganda. I laugh at people who spend $120 for 6' of Monster Cable. At 6' you'll NEVER see the difference. You should only spend good money if you are still using analog cables ie. component, and composite. But if you are using composite then there is really no helping you in the first place. You can't polish a turd right?
Oldman100  +   1546d ago
Actually, it's possible to polish a turd.

jocomat9  +   1546d ago
thanks 4 that
Human Analog  +   1546d ago
Yeah but why would you want too?
Raider69  +   1546d ago
Sony..Sony,smart move since fw Decryption code can only be run and write to PS3 by VGA and Components.
#16 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Laika  +   1546d ago
QUICK! SOMEONE ALERT ANONYMOUS! Sony must pay for all removed features that no one cares about!
mynd  +   1546d ago
I think youd care about it if you TV doesnt have HDMI.
fullmetal297  +   1546d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Sony remove yet another feature out of the PS3. After the removal of otherOS, two USB ports, memory card slots, emotion engine chip (which was responsible for ps2 backwards compatibility), the news of Sony taking out the AV ports makes me say meh.
Caffo01  +   1546d ago
almost all of the features you listed were removed because people like you complained about the ps3 initial price point..
#18.1 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
fullmetal297  +   1546d ago
Firstly, I never complained about the PS3 price. Secondly, it doesn't take much to put two extra USB ports and a ten dollar chip to play PS2 games. The whole reason why the PS3 cost so much was because of the bluray and cell, but now the technology is older and cheaper to manufacture, then there should be absolutely no reason to remove more necessary features.
DJ  +   1546d ago
It costs $90 to put the PS2 motherboard in a PS3.
SoapShoes  +   1546d ago
Well maybe you didn't complain but they were removed because they were non-essential and people wanted a cheaper PS3. They wanted it to be cheaper to play PS THREE games not PS TWO games, hence why removing bc was not a big deal to the people who actually wanted a PS3. In the end it's all about the games, not some stupid memory card slots.

The USB ports would be nice, but you can just buy a friggen hub if you care so much. Memory card slots were useless, just use a flash drive.
fullmetal297  +   1546d ago
It costs 80 for a PS2 console, dvd drive and all. You don't need an entire motherboard, just the chip responsible for render ps2 graphics. And since Sony doesn't need to pay any licensing and own the technology, then it should an assload of money to put a cheap chip.
tiffac  +   1546d ago
Actually the PS3 never needed it in the first place since the PS2 is still around. It was actually a bad economic move from Sony at that time.
kma2k  +   1546d ago
HDMI cables seriously are less than $5 with freight included from amazon. Why would anyone care about this? I have seen hdmi cables in big lots for $1.95 the other day. Serisouly people who cares!
Philoctetes  +   1546d ago
Two reasons why you might care:

1. If you have an older HDTV that doesn't have HDMI inputs. I had one of these up until about two years ago.

2. If your currently HDTV doesn't have enough HDMI inputs to support everything you'd like to hook it up to. I'm not in this situation, but I could easily imagine somebody who is.

As a bunch of other people have pointed out, this isn't Sony's fault. That doesn't mean that nobody should care.
MOTY  +   1546d ago
Well it wouldn't be the first time Sony has removed features on their PS consoles.

Even before the PS3 was released, Sony promised features that didn't show up in the final build.

Then, when Sony introduced the Slim, they removed even more features.

Now, with the new K chassis, component is now going to be removed. Believe it or not, there are still many HDTV's out there in peoples homes that only have 1 HDMI input and 2 slots for component. Some of the rarest of people out there still game on TV's that only have component inputs.

Point is, Sony is removing more features. Maybe to Sony this is a good thing. It may force people to buy new TV's which could go out and end up buying a Sony TV. The removal of the component input could reduce the cost of the new PS3 with the new chassis resulting in higher sales which has been the case for the slim model.

Could this be a sign of Sony trying to lower the cost of making future PS3's in order to start ramping up on PS4 development? I don't see why not since that's what they did with the PS2.

I for one think this is a good idea as it drives consumers to go out and spend money to finally upgrade to a more current model of TV which helps push the industry forward in terms of tech and advancements. It increases the possibility that people will have the proper hardware to utilize new tech such as new consoles that will require Procrastinating joe who has been putting off buying a new HDTV that has at least 1 or mor HDMI inputs. This increases the target market when selling your product.
#20 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
SoapShoes  +   1546d ago
Read the freaking comments, it's a law that requires ALL Bluray players to broadcast in HDMI only. All manufacturers will be doing this.
Rynx  +   1546d ago

MOTY is a microsoft troll. Look at his comment history. Just de-bubble the clown for trolling so he can phase away like so many other before him.
Why o why  +   1546d ago
Like i said, people who have agendas thrive on spreading misinformation and fud. What a waste of text. Moty should just type. 'this is why you should hate sony like i do.' Save time and effort ;)
#20.1.2 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
MOTY  +   1546d ago
LOL i'm sorry...it's "the law". I have looked on the internet, read the article again to see if I missed anything and I haven't been able to find any kind of current or future Law being implemented stating ALL Blu-RAY players to broadcast in HDMI.

Can you please provide a link that indicates that this "LAW" has or will be passed and which countries will have to be affected by this so called "Law".

I have also read the comment, and I don't see where any word or proof was given about this law.


@ Rynx

"I for one think this is a good idea as it drives consumers to go out and spend money to finally upgrade to a more current model of TV which helps push the industry forward in terms of tech and advancements"

- Ya that really sounds like the words of a Troll. I agreeing and supporting Sony's decision to remove component from their systems....Are you still upset that I destroyed your poorly constructed and desperate counter argument from the other day?

@ Why o why

Again, why would I hate Sony if it's a company that I own stock in? If you read my last paragraph and the same quote that I gave Rynx, you would see that I agree and support Sony with this removal of the component input.

It amazes me that you 3 just make a claim without reading my comment. Why is it that "those that we dare not speak of" on this site always get so emotional if your first sentence doesn't have a disclaimer? Some of you people are way too emotional.
#20.1.3 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
ksense  +   1546d ago
All new players sold after December 31, 2010 "must limit analog video output of BD content to interlaced standard definition (480i/576i). Then, 2013 is the expiration date for analog video: no player that passes "Decrypted AACS Content" to analog video outputs may be manufactured or sold after December 31, 2013," says Blu-ray.com.


for 3/4th of the paragraph you spew out Sony hate and at the end put in a positive spin on it to make it seem like you are not trolling....
MOTY  +   1546d ago
So now telling the truth is "hating"?

Are you saying that Sony DIDN'T remove stated features that were first announced to be in the final PS3 product back at E3 2005?

Are you saying that Sony DIDN'T remove features from the Fat PS3 such as B/C for PS2 games?

Are you saying Sony DIDN'T remove Linux from ALL PS3 models that were pre and post purchased by customers?

Are you saying that Sony DIDN'T remove features from the PS3 when the Slim was released to help reduce the costs of the Slim?

Sony DOES have a history of removing features. FACT. Sorry if your feelings are hurt from me pointing out a FACTUAL comment, but that doesn't mean I am "hating" on Sony.

Stop being so emotional. I have stock in Sony and the more Sony succeeds, the better my pockets get lined. Just because people don't constantly praise Sony, doesn't mean they hate Sony. I am not a blind loyalist who's feelings get hurt when someone makes a FACT that may not be a positive comment pertaining to a specific company.

And thanks for the link. I was unaware that it existed. That information you provided is NOT in the comments like you originally stated nor was it anywhere in the article.
#20.2.1 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Hyperguy20  +   1546d ago
Who cares? HDMI cables are pretty cheap anyway.
montyburns000  +   1546d ago
you don't quite get it do you....

maybe you and the ps3fanboys on N4G think it's ok for sony to remove another feature from the PS3 but for the thousands of people that still have HD televisions with no HDMI(they do exist, my dad's Sony 47" has DVI and component, no HDMI) this new SKU will only do SD. lame shit

not to mention the huge number of people that video capture using this method.

it's pointless arguing, im going to get disagrees from the drones anyway. it seems like every year the ps3 has a feature removed.

everyone with a 60GB PS3 are lucky to have a REAL PS3
Arksine  +   1546d ago
First, if your dad's hdtv has DVI, it is likely HDCP capable. A simple HDMI to DVI adapter will work fine.

Second, it seems like 360 fanboys are trolling this article hard, without reading (or caring) that component is being removed to comply with AACS. It will be required by law.
DJ  +   1546d ago
I hope PS4 is compatible with my HDTV. I had to switch from HDMI to Component cables because the video feed would occasionally black out on HDMI. Sucks, but it's because of the HDCP tech glitching between my PS3 and HDTV.
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1546d ago
im sure plenty of people still use component for one reason or another. no matter how u slice it this is a bad thing.
helghast102  +   1546d ago
Bad move, I mean HDMI is better than component in every way shape and form, but it also cuts out the usage of things like the Hauppauge HD PVR, which doesn't support HDMI, only component.
From what this says, it seems as though older PS3's wont have this functionality removed via update, which is all well and fine, and it's really not a HUGE problem losing it in a new PS3 model.
kingPoS  +   1546d ago
They had better not get rid of the A/V jack. Because many people who
use obscure combinations like having computer monitor on hdmi and the stereo on the A/V jack will be SoL
And what about all those HQ gaming headphones that use stereo jacks...guess what they're too SoL

Naw!!! if they know whats good for them they'll keep the A/V jack. Mabe thats why they're chmpioning those new wireless headphones of theirs.

don't shoot the other foot or you'll never win the race
#25 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bozebo  +   1546d ago
this ^

If I was to need a new ps3 I wouldn't get sound because my monitor doesn't have speakers (high-end monitors don't/shouldn't have speakers in them). And the speakers that I do have don't have fibre input.
#25.1 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
radphil  +   1546d ago
Thanks for the laugh for people who were ill-informed on the situation.
Neko_Mega  +   1546d ago
Removing component isn't really a feature in someways, but who would really miss it? Yeah no AV slot to but then PS3 would come with HDMI cable.

So I don't see a problem, I be happy if the 360 did to.
peowpeow  +   1546d ago
The 2 main problems are:
People with older tv's and recording gameplay. Not a problem for me but I understand complaints from people who like to record gameplay
Neko_Mega  +   1546d ago
But most likely those people would know not to get this model if that is the case.
tiffac  +   1546d ago
My question is, will this be the case for all regions for all future PS3 releases? And the law that has been mentioned that all manufacturers must comply with regarding Blu Ray does it only affect the US or all regions as well?

The reason I'm asking most people in the developing countries can't afford an HDMI only HDTV and from what I can remember only the US has a law that requires all devices to be HD ready since there is a law there that requires all companies to phase out analog devices or signals. (correct me if I'm wrong here) Thanks
bozebo  +   1546d ago
The intention of the law is to reduce piracy (which it wont) so it would only make sense if it was worldwide.
air1  +   1546d ago
That's what Sony has been doing this entire gen... How do you think they can afford the price drops?
#29 (Edited 1546d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
mrv321  +   1546d ago
Erm... so when Microsoft, Samsung, EVERYONE does this... what then?

sprayNpray   1546d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
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