Gamers: The Greatest Salesmen in the World

From GameDaily:

"Who is the greatest salesman in the world? Your customers - the people who are buying your games. By now, we all understand the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Countless articles have been written and dozens of successful companies have emerged, all touting the magic in marketing via your customers. Is it myth of magic?" HypeCouncil's Scott Meldrum continues his series on game marketing with a look at the importance of using gamers as salesmen.

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TheMART4054d ago

That's why Xbox Live, with a unified online system, and a friendlist which has a community function (much more then the PSN system, where the community feeling isn't there), is of great value. It brings the fanbase to expand. Other friends see the 360, see XBL and want to jump in to game with their friends that easy.

Gamers, word of mouth, the greatest salesmen in the world indeed. I even know a guy that had 10 friends over and all of them were talking about buying a 360 afterwards to be able to meet up also on XBL when they didn't have the time to meet in person, play a game together and grab a beer while gaming

goodganja4053d ago

Dont forget that you have to pay premium costs not to mention even more if you need it to be set up on a wireless network.

Also dont forget that everything you're mentioning can be done on PS3 once Home is released.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

games4fun4053d ago

thats why i hate xbox360 they make sure that in order to talk to others you also have to listen to little kids on xbox live who pretty much make up the whole community since they are on more because they have free time. Its so annoying and i had to actually pay for this? that and not to mention the P2P networking that anybody who has majored in networking will tell you is ridiculously flawed compared to dedicated servers. But people like to kid themselves (like the pun?) and think that somehow because they can talk the actual laggy gameplay doesnt matter LOL