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James of writes:

"There doesn’t seem to be much room in the EA Sports dominated sports genre. Aside from a few 2K titles, there aren’t many developers looking to overthrow EA’s dominance. Of all the franchises under the EA Sports banner, Madden is easily the most recognizable and longest running. NFL 2K and GameDay both fell years ago, and aside from a failed reboot of Midway’s Blitz series, no one has tried to challenge the juggernaut that is Madden. Last year, NaturalMotion released the promising looking Backbreaker football game for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Trailers showed a Euphoria-powered engine producing some of the most fluid animations ever seen in any sports title. Sadly, basing an entire game around an engine failed, and while the game had enjoyable moments, overall it felt very sloppy. Has NaturalMotion fixed their issues with the new downloadable Backbreaker Vengeance?"

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rrquinta2713d ago

Sounds like they at least improved some things but that they still have a ways to go. Kind of disappointing, because it'd be nice to have an alternative to EA for American football, for those who want something different.

TheLiztress2713d ago

Doesn't look bad in the graphics department. I'm sure with enough extra work, they can pull off a really great game that doesn't have Madden in the title. :)

Jamesmanguyperson2713d ago

Its a lot of fun but definitely not worth $15.