Top Five Social Innovations in Video Games

New ways of doing things come out all the time. But few ever alter the face of gaming forever. With video games, being social was long confined to only player one and player two. Coin-operated arcades provided somewhat of a social environment, but still, actual gameplay always confined you to just two (and the occasional 4-player game). That meant, you were stuck playing with whomever just so happened to be around at the time. But new (and not so new) innovations have allowed gamers to reach out to gamers from across the globe, all from the comfort of their worn-out sofa. It's these innovations that we're paying homage to today.

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dbjj120882590d ago

The fact that I have a job and can own more than one console is innovation enough. I was never a fanboy, but I hated being relegated to one camp or the other by default.

JonnyBigBoss2590d ago

online parties for the win!

Simco8762590d ago

Girl will give this site hits... good job