F1 2011 Early Footage and initial handling impressions

Here is some early footage of F12011. VVV Automotive’s Alan Boiston attended the Codemasters’ London presentation event and gives us an early run through of the game.

From the footage Alan mentions that voice overs have been improved and will be done by Martin Brundle. CodeMasters are really working on the tyres and suspension for the 2011 version. The game setup in the video is on the hardest settings but there is abs as Alan is still getting used to the new physics.
Another observation is that the Steering lag seems minimal as well its alot better than shift 2 unleashed steering lag which is still not fixed.

The game also looks like it is alot less twitchy than before. The camera tilts a bit at an angle when turning through corners. Cars can also bottom out if you push the cars hard enough. AI algorithims have been improved greatly as well. The game will have new features such as multiplayer splitscreen as well as a much more extensive career mode. The only downer at the moment seems to be the framerate but theres plenty of...

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HOSe2714d ago

hmm. definitely not gt5 level ai thats for sure hahaha

Daves2714d ago

No the F1 AI would look a bit silly if it was the same as GT there is none.

GT is a great hot lapper and on-line racer but the AI are just 'A' there is no 'I'.

BadKarmaSutra962714d ago

blah blah blah mock game in progress vs gt5 rofl lololololol