The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Of Trophy Guides

The shocking truth behind writing a trophy guide is that the process isn’t pretty. It’s not simple, it’s not a five-minute job and it’s certainly not a joy – although admittedly, some people do find pleasure in the process. So why would anyone put themselves through such torture then? Well, that’s simple: on some levels it’s about infamy; having your name permanently attached to a game’s guide that will be Googled for years to come can be a bit of a thrill and it’s something you can’t appreciate until you’ve been there and bought the T-shirt.

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Arthas2712d ago

I <3 Trophies.
I'm lvl 13... what about you all?

MidnytRain2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I have a friend who's level 15. Ridiculous...

You people are serious addicts if you do all that.

Godchild10202712d ago

Level 17! I love Nice to see a trophy site getting some recognition.

Ness6192712d ago

Damn...I got fooled by the headline, thinking it had something to do with the game announced a few months ago =(

TriangleOffense2712d ago

I did the exact same thing this morning on twitter when I read this story. good for ps3t if I was a whore I would live there

Godchild10202712d ago

Are you saying I'm a whore? Hi Triangle.

sunnygrg2712d ago

All you fellas from gets a bubble from me. :)