Ape Escape - PS3 Review by Brash Games

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "A lot of gamers (myself included) have fond memories of the Ape Escape series. Originally conceived as a tech demo to show off the then new Dualshock controller, Ape Escape was developed into a fully fledged platformer that, after receiving a host of rave reviews and some very impressive sales figures, spawned a host of equally successful sequels - thus turning the Ape’s into one of the crown jewels in Sony’s first party portfolio".

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Miiikeyyy2380d ago

One day, reviews might be based on Facts and not peoples opinions.

Bounkass2380d ago

I know right? That's why I never read them. They're always based on - like you said - opinions and not facts.

Wenis2380d ago Show
Miiikeyyy2380d ago

@Wenis I never said it was good. I Just wish Reviews were based on facts and not opinions.

Louis_Guzman2380d ago

Yeah, listen to the guy with the Boba Fett avatar. He's all about good taste.

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JellyJelly2380d ago

Would that mean that all Michael Bay movies would get 10/10 because they have high budgets and lots of effects? The acting, story etc couldn't be taken into account since that can only be judged subjectively.

Your reasoning is crazy.

Optical_Matrix2380d ago

What an overtly stupid and downright retarded thing to say...

CaptainMarvelQ82380d ago

this is the move game,i think there is another true sequel planned for Ape escape that was announced
(correct me if im wrong)