New Dark Souls screenshots

Namco Bandai/From Software released new impressive images of Dark Souls.

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Arthas2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

This game is going to rule. Unless you're a pu$$y.

DarkBlood2684d ago

i;ll get it but likely to get pissed off again lol i just hope its easier to dodge n move around when a enemy is going super fast at u with armour and ur slow with it

i conclude its actually easy to do they just make the leveling up very slow so that is why i barely finish the game lol

Arthas2684d ago

it all depends on your playstyle. if youre in plate you shouldnt be rolling around for starters.
As far as leveling goes, I just restarted a new character 2 days ago and with 10 hours played ive gained well over 55 levels. It shouldnt be slow once you know what youre doing

limewax2684d ago

Yeah if you farm the the pre-boss section of 4-1 you can get yourself the much needed head start, go tear through some worlds, then come back and farm through 4-4 (maybe 4-3, been a while) that should pretty much carry you through the game aside from a couple of optional bosses. The game actually becomes incredibly easy once you learn all you have to do is play it like zelda but a bit more cautious around ledges and groups.

Also firestorm more or less breaks the game

xabmol2684d ago

Already pre-ordered & payed!

Collectors edition here I come!

Oct 4th can't come soon enough!