'Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire' for Wii has promise but fails to impress

Sometimes you have to slog through the beginning of a video game, hoping and assuming that the first level or two of bland and boring gameplay will lead to something better.

Surely a game couldn't hit the market and sell for about $50 if it was really that dull and underwhelming?

Unfortunately, sometimes first impressions are accurate. And the final word on "Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire" for the Nintendo Wii from D3 Publisher of America is that it's just as bad as it seems.

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MK_Red4028d ago

What promise? It was worse looking than a N64 game, had terrible camera and level design and more problems.

PS360WII4028d ago

Well when first announced a lot of Wii owners were thrilled of the consept of this game. I was one of them. Sadly this game should not be bought and you can quote me on that. Bad game I bought it and ugh...

TruthbeTold4027d ago

And am angry that I did. It almost seems as if they didn't even try.