Ocarina of Time 3D Makes the Top 50 on Game Rankings

Although The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hasn’t been out a month, it’s already breaking records. Back when the game first hit store shelves it was generating an average of 96/100 from game critics. An average that put it in position to be one of ten best rated games of all time. Unfortunately, a couple of 8.5 and 9.0 scores brought OoT3D‘s average down to a 93.82%. The game is far from being in the top ten, but it still holds the position of 47th best rated game of all time (tied with Company of Heroes for PC)...

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ZoidsRaven2625d ago

I knew something like this would happen. 7_7

Xof2624d ago

I wonder what the attach rate is like.

I have a feeling most (as in 90% or higher) of 3DS sales were FOR Ocarina of Time.

(And the other 10% for fanboys).

wwm0nkey2625d ago

Only this game could make it on the top list twice lol

Squatch832625d ago

Highest rated console game, and highest rated portable game. I predicted this would happen also. No other game will ever do it i bet.

Shnazzyone2624d ago

It is well deserved too.