Xbox Live Auto Renewal can now be turned off via

Microsoft has reinstated the option to allow Xbox Live Gold members to turn off auto-renewal to the service via their account settings on

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RedDead2478d ago

It better stay that fu**ing way, so sick of all the unnecessary shi* you have to go through to turn it off.

guitarded772478d ago

Yeah, I called to turn off the automatic renewal and the guy tried to pressure sell me 3 times... he begrudgingly asked me why I wanted to turn it off, and I told him I can get it cheaper on amazon and my PS3 is always free. He said "ok, it's your choice to miss out on all Live has to offer". I was like WTF kind of customer service is this.

Vortex3D2478d ago

That is what I told Microsoft account specialize since the regular customer support has to transfer me over everytime.

I told him it's obvious why Microsoft removed the ability to turn off auto renew on the web page so that a live customer service person can try to convince the gamer stay with Gold Live. While most wouldn't stay, but some people couldn't say no to the sales person when being pressured to buy the product.

DarkTower8052478d ago

@ guitarded, reminds me of AOL a few years ago. Those customer service reps were the worst. I had one lady tell me she wouldn't cancel my account unless I gave her a valid reason, lol. Bitch pissed me of so bad! She ended the call by telling me she gave me another month free and to "deal with it!" lol.

JamieLeeC932478d ago

I just said I sold my Xbox. They can't say shit then!

Digitaldude2478d ago

Err how do you turn it off? I 'cant find the option...

M4I0N32478d ago

Praise the lord! LoL, i kept getting hooked onto their deals, every time i rang up to turn that feature off

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Solidus187-SCMilk2478d ago

But I did complain to them on their website through and the beta program a while back.

And then I just ept my CC maxed out so they couldnt charge it untill they jsut canceled my gold. I still havent given them their 20 I owe, LOL.

TBM2478d ago

always said live is like the mob once in get in it wont let you out lol.

SixZeroFour2478d ago

worst simile ever...what about the ppl that only use prepaid sub cards, we can get out easily by not buying another one...just saying

TBM2478d ago


clearly i was speaking about those who only use a debit/credit card. those who use prepaid obviously have nothing to worry about.

SixZeroFour2477d ago

actually it wasnt "clear" because you said "live" in that includes all users of live

kaveti66162478d ago

I tried to turn it off through this method but I kept getting an error message telling me to try again later. It auto-renewed for another month before I got tired of trying and decided to give them a call.

I think they should have get this option to turn it off available through the 360 itself.

gamingdroid2478d ago

This is BS from MS! If they can charge you, they very well should be able to let you cancel effortlessly.

That said, I thought this option has always been available online?

I just use pre-paid cards from one of them deals that works out to be around $30/annually. None of the console manufacturer's have my card.

kaveti66162478d ago

Yeah, this article is outdated because the ability to turn it off through was available at least 6 months ago.

Solidus187-SCMilk2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I also requested that they add the ability to turn off auto-renew from the 360 under account management when I was in the 360 beta program.

That would be much better.

I wrote them feedback saying that I would not keep my CC info with them anymore because they make it such a hassle.

I think that enought people complained that they had to put it bakc.

Edit- for me, the ability to turn that off from was available years ago, but not available recently. Im glad they brought it back.

NoobSessions2478d ago

I thought its been that way for a while ?

radphil2478d ago

You would think that, but no. It's gotta be a huge hassle to take off your credit card.

Megaton2478d ago

I did it approx. a year ago on the US site. You have to sift through several pages of PR spam before you can finally do it. It's insane how aggressively they try to keep you locked in.

maniacmayhem2478d ago

Yea, I thought you could always do it through also.

But i think this option should be available on the 360 itself.
Or there should be some Xbox site app on the 360 where you can do all this stuff from.

T3MPL3TON 2478d ago

You could but then they removed it.. with claims of "security issues" which by the way not even on the website do they store 100% of your CC info.. meaning even if someone hacked your account the worst they'd have been able to do.. is use your existing MSP and cancel your account.

ExitToExisT2478d ago

i know friends who cancelled their credit cards in order to stop this 'auto-renewal'

bub162478d ago

i went to the bank and cancelled the direct debit to microsoft. after about 10 times of telling them. I HAVE A YEARS MEMBERSHIP WHY ARE YOU STILL CHARGING ME A MONTHS WORTH FROM MY ACCOUNT AND NOT GIVING ME THE EXTRA MONTH!!!

i ask to remove my details and turn off auto renew and each time they said it was complete. it never was...

if you have any problems guys just go to your bank and tell them to NOT let microsoft take any money out!

Vortex3D2478d ago

I have confirmed with Microsoft customer service that if you cancel your credit card while auto renew is still on, Microsoft will continue to bill your credit card until your account gets suspended. So, if you care about your account, this isn't the best method to disable the Gold Live.

KwietStorm2478d ago

lol! That doesn't even make sense. We gunna get ya funds no matter what!

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