PlanetSide 2: what we know so far

Sure, a lot of things were announced at last night’s Fan Faire launch event, but everyone here on the showfloor is abuzz about one game in particular: PlanetSide 2. PC Gamer has been absorbing information on the game for the past six hours straight, and gamers getting more excited with every new morsel of knowledge they consume. Here’s what gamers, suspect, and hope for so far.

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ATiElite2538d ago

i know that this same picture has been used like 25 times to make a thread since Planetside 2 was announced.

there are other screenshots.

telekineticmantis2538d ago

I'd pick it up depending on whether it's free to play or not, it sounds interesting. Then again there's DUST idunno.

TheCampfireSong2538d ago

Looking at the looks awesome.