Weekly Xbox 360 deals - 7/12

You can save a ton of money on video games by buying smart. Here are some of this week's promotions and discounts on Xbox 360 stuff from around the internet including promotions from Best Buy, Amazon, and Gohastings.

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kma2k2445d ago

Im amazed no one is making a huge deal over the target black friday thing. Hell ive been waiting for the xbox to go 25% off for a couple months now. The only downside that isnt mentioned is if freight is free or not. I did a dummy order of one from taget & it was $18+freight. If its free frt im buying it on black friday, if its $18+ frt ill keep waiting since this sale is to me an obvious sign that the consules are going to get a price break soon. If Target sells a boat load on this black friday deal, i expect walmart, best buy, radio shack, kmart & all the stores to follow soot to get huge increases in sales. Plus to me it makes sense, sell a bunch of consules at a discounted price & you have more customers to buy games this holiday season.