PS3's Twisted Metal Hype Nonexistent, Why?

"With the Uncharted 3 Online Multiplayer Beta coming to a close tomorrow (July 13th) after being released on June 28th, PS3 owners around the globe are finding time to squeeze in their last few hours or minutes before they have to kiss the game goodbye until November 1, 2011. While the beta experienced a plethora of issues during the first 24 hours of launch, Naughty Dog was quick to have it up and running smoothly with little to no hiccups. While Nick can understand why the hype and discussions have been heated for Uncharted 3 recently due to the ongoing beta, Nick is left confused as to why one of PS3's AAA exclusives launching in less than three months remains nearly unheard of in the media. "

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Nick2120042689d ago

Hopefully the hype will pick up once David Jaffe reveals new details for Twisted Metal on the 23rd!

M-Easy2689d ago

Very few non-shooter games are ever hyped this generation. You have a few exceptions with AAA RPGs but for the most part if your game is not about pwning noobs then it may sit on the back burner until release and people get to play it then spread the word, word of mouth style.

Dart892689d ago

I love Twisted Metal so im anxiously waiting for this.

killajd2689d ago

The hype will come and when it does and the game really shows off!... The hype will last for yrs to come

crematory2689d ago

they hype should be with resistance 3 the game is coming in less than 2 month:(

killajd2688d ago

There's plenty of hype to go around!

zinkabassy2688d ago

Damn, I cannot wait for Resistance game,.. I actually don't like many fps shooters on consoles,.. but Resistance actually feels so tight with controller,..(I think they add a bit of autoaim in the demo,.. because I really should not be that good with controller, feels so visceral and awesome)

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The story is too old to be commented.