Marooners' Rock E3 2011: First Glance at the Wii U

Vinny writes: "Nintendo pulled a slightly expected fast one on the crowds of people at 2011 E3. In the chaotic mess of E3, through the thousands of people swarming around, and the hundreds of games being presented, there was new hardware being presented, only one year later after Nintendo announced their new handheld, the 3DS. The Wii U, the next generation unit from Nintendo, was announced this year to the public and it has some new tricks to go along. Nintendo has said that the hardware inside the units being shown is not final, but it is on par if not better then the current generation of hardware. The Wii U looks like a first generation Xbox 360 had a baby with a Wii. It’s a slightly curvy yet generic looking unit. It has an optical drive slot and all the usual buttons on the first of the box, but the different thing that they presented was what you play the Wii U with."

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