Thief 4: 10 Ways It Can Better Its Pedigree

GB: "Despite the mixed reception of his latest project, Epic Mickey, Warren Spector is a man genuinely adored by the gaming populace. Of all the games he’s been involved in, few yield such fan devotion as the Thief series. Pioneering both stealth mechanics and 3D gameplay, Thief: The Dark Project was a revolutionary title. Fast forward eleven years and, with two sequels now in the franchise, Eidos Montreal announce that Thief 4 is in development. We’re still waiting on a fourth Thief game but, in the mean time, here are ten things we reckon could help the upcoming sequel better its rather overbearing predecessors."

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TheROsingleB2688d ago

Can we stop replacing letters with numbers in sequel titles? It's not cute and it does not make sense. A "4" is not an "E" .

Pintheshadows2688d ago

It needs to be excellent, have a fantastic atmosphere and have guards that talk with dodgy English accents. I will then be happy.

BlackKnight2688d ago

I don't think I agree with the whole "objectives have to be more open" kind of thing. Keep the linear main objectives but allow for side jobs/objectives if you wish to be a completest or wish to get more gold/equipment.

The tight story and flow of thief games (except the third one, it was lacking this flow somewhat) along with the atmosphere is what makes it one of the best games of all time.

sonicsidewinder2688d ago

I will be a shadow...I will be a thi4f...

*cough* i mean a 'thief'.