Sony 'Truly Went Above and Beyond' to Address PSN Problem, says Analyst

Sony's PSN Welcome Back program to compensate users for the extended downtime and breach of personal information shows just how much Sony appreciates its customers, according to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich who spoke with IndustryGamers following a special report on the effectiveness of the program.

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M-Easy2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Exactly the same reaction I had. Sony didn't have to do half of what they did for us. We all know MNCs are empirically evil but Sony may have just started a paradigm shift.

Edit:@ Conan
I'm going to click on trolling

donniebaseball2626d ago

Yeah I think Divnich makes a very good point. A lot of companies would pretend to apologize about it but not do much more.

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PirateThom2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Sony losing money is wholly irrelevent to this issue... and their plan to make games and top quality hardware hasn't really been affected by losing money. Other companies are MAKING money but they forgot about MAKING games and that's a bigger crime as someone who isn't a shareholder.

LOGICWINS2626d ago

Bubbles for Pirate Thom.

Anon19742626d ago

And since when is Sony losing money? Sony verified that the PS3 had been profitable as a platform for some time back in 2009 and the hardware has been turning a profit for a year now.

If you're talking about the cost to develop and distribute the PS3, we really don't know how much money it cost Sony, or how much has been made back because Sony doesn't break down what's going on internally with their finances. To say Sony is losing money on the PS3 this gen isn't based on anything. I could just as easily point out that the 360 hasn't recouped the loses it racked up in the early days - but that would be based on the entire division of the company and that doesn't tell the whole story now, does it?

I said this before. This whole hacking noise is ridiculous. So much was made out of Sony's security breach when no one was harmed, credit card numbers were still protected and Sony made it right. Citigroup was hacked at the same time, found out about it May 10th and didn't tell anyone till June, confirmed $2.7 million was stolen from their customers by the hackers, had to re-issue hundreds of thousands of credit cards and no one said boo. Everyone is falling all over themselves to condemn Sony- where's the media attention, where are the class action lawsuits, where's the outrage at Citigroup when actual money was stolen? I guess actual monetary theft isn't as sexy for the media as the potential of a game console being used for a crime. Anything to smear the game industry, because that's news! Not banks getting hacked and money stolen.

gamingdroid2626d ago

I think Sony were generous (despite the little issues that cropped up during the program), but why egg on the hackers in the first place?

This probably cost them far more with all the negative publicity around it.

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MrSpace2626d ago

@PirateThom: "Click bubble Well Said"

RedDead2626d ago

I think their handling of it all was bad, but I don't think they owed us anything, I didn't care too much that they handled it bad...and then I got free games and Ps+...

showtimefolks2626d ago

will see that along with us sony were also the victims. And through all the wrong article by IGN and many other sites saying psn software was outdated when it went in front of congress we found out everything was up to date.

we got 2 free games. And people say oh well everyone already has those games NO. Because infamous 1 and LBP1 didn't sell 40 million units so there were many who didn't have either of those games.

than we get one free month of PS:PLUS and many free games along with huge discounts

this is my last week of PLUS i will most likely review and this week we get games with huge discounts

so they went way beyond what they had to do.

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Tuxedoassassin2626d ago

I agree, after the "grant outage" bla bla bla I never had a problen with the PSN, that counts as something.
Pirate: Another bubble from me.

LilDeja932626d ago

Well I'm glad to see Sony back on their 2 feet.

Now back gaming :)

Boody-Bandit2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Sony went way above and beyond to fix their security and get PSN back online. Plus they offered excellent welcome back gifts to their consumers. They did not have to do that. The only people they might have owed a little something to is PS+ subscribers. Other than them their only obligation was to make PSN more secure and reboot it ASAP and they did exactly that.

Sony is a AAA class act company that offers high quality hardware and incredible software to enjoy them with, and I'm not just talking about gaming industry but the entertainment industry as a whole (movies, music & gaming).

firemassacre2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

got wipeout hd, dead nation and ps+ out of it, you addressed it fine with me, thats for damn sure.

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