PES 2012 gameplay footage coming this Thursday

DSOGaming writes: "Soccer fans, get ready as the first proper gameplay footage of Konami's upcoming 2012 version of Pro Evolution Soccer will be released this Thursday."

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Sameh2592d ago

This'll be interesting, considering it's supposed to "smash" Fifa 12.

mcstorm2592d ago

I looking forward to seeing what pes pffers this time round. 2011 was a step up from the rest of the pes games this gen but still not good enoigh to beat fifa 11. So far what we have seen from fifa it looks even better than last year so its going to be a big ask for pes again this year.

Kos-Mos2592d ago

What kind of bullcrap is that? fifa's never been better. Maybe you base your statements on american reviews or spanish or french or english.

anticooper2592d ago

wtf are you talking about, have you been living on the moon for a while or what? here on earth pes sadly lost its crown years ago!! on topic: looking forward to the gameplay footage:-)

mcstorm2592d ago

So I take it you don't read reviews in those languages then? PES has not been anywhere near as good as Fifa this gen. Lat gen I was a massive fan of PES but this gen Fifa has been the better game. Look at the difference in sales between the two to prove that.

As I said the last PES has been the best one this gen but Fifa made big changes last season and was the better game and again this season Fifa has made even more changes that looks like it will improve on last season. Ive not seen anything of PES this year so far but I still think it has a bit to go before beating Fifa again. Look forward to seeing what they show us though and ill defo give it a try like I have with all the PES and Fifa games.

Kos-Mos2591d ago

You really can`t tell a game is good or not looking sales. Just look at gears, halo, cod, gow, gta, me.

Ares902592d ago

They really really need licensed teams
that's for me what PES is missing.
or I hope someone will release a patch.

Now with FIFA, I haven't played a FIFA game since FIFA 2002 but I'm looking forward to FIFA2012 as well.

Baka-akaB2592d ago

stilla t least , xbox360 aside or online modes asides , it's easy to mod the game with patchs , even on consoles and get every licenses you want that way .

You barely ever need to depends on the goodwill of the publisher to update kits , faces and squads ... even if its easier when Konami officially do it .

In comparison , modding fifa is a pain , and fifa still miss a few licences too .

8bit_Nes_Rambo2592d ago

Hoping for the best for PES.