PS3 White Knight Story images

Japanese magazine Gemaga has released a few more screenshots of White Knight Story for the PlayStation 3.

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shmee4054d ago

FF13 is the biggest game of this era on any platform . It wont be beaten but WKS wil; come close in terms of total sales.

Japanese analysts are predicting 1m sales on WKS on LAUNCH DAY in JAPAN

Skerj4054d ago

Game certainly did catch my eye with the awesome realistic combat, I hope the story follows suit. Level 5 rocks in the gameplay department but their storytelling leaves much to be desired.

PopEmUp4054d ago

I wish it will arrived 1 month after the Japanese's release

Shaka2K64054d ago

How they have Rogue Galaxy so far the best RPG this year and for hand helds Jeanne d'Arc, this guys are freaking masters at RPGs, this looks mighty sick, i love Level 5 always get my vote.

Koroshiya_Keefu4054d ago

I am excited to see Level-5's potential with utilizing the PS3 technology. Hopefully it does well in Japan to promote a speedier translation for the English speaking PS3 folk of the world!