7 Things That Super Smash Bros. 4 Needs To Have

GB: "The Super Smash Bros. series has become a mainstay of Nintendo consoles at this point. More than a decade old, and with three highly acclaimed games, the series has come to be recognized as one of Nintendo’s best, as well as some of the best multiplayer fun to be had around. No other game can act as a ‘bridge’ title between the casuals and hardcore gamers like a Super Smash Bros. game can, and with 24 million units sold so far, it’s not hard to see just how wide the series’ appeal really is."

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zeal0us2474d ago

more stages,character and music is something obviously it going to have ,unless the people at Nintendo let capcom handle the whole project, which won't happen thank god.

JsonHenry2474d ago

They need the Ninja Turtles. There. I said it.

MrSpace2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

The thing about Brawl was that they even said them selfs they could of added a whole lot more to the game like modes, longer story and especialy more characters (they apparently had a load of characters planned) but they didn't do it. I think it was something to do with not making a Smash Bros game too amazing because they said they wouldn't be able to top the next one.

Basicaly they wanted to keep the ideas untill the next game so they wouldn't have to work hard to come up with new things.

I wonder why Sony or Microsoft havent done their own type of game like Smash Bros.

ChickeyCantor2473d ago

Its called budget =)
There is no such thing as making a game great and being afraid the next one can't be better. Then you are just doing your job wrong.

xXxBravo3xXx2474d ago

i loved smash bros brawl i thought it was the best in the series.

spektical2474d ago

it would be great to have the pokemon trainer choose which pokemon out of x to use... or if not give you squirtle bulbasaur and charmander, and as you battle they gain XP, and they can evolve :D

Getowned2474d ago

lmao nice, that would be intresting tho XD

AWBrawler2474d ago

Tripping should definitely be out, but I liked the smash orbs. Everyone having their own unique finisher was a cool idea.

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