The Top 5 Characters of All Time

The lovable characters from the early ages of gaming have become powerhouses in the character kingdom. The Gamer Studio Staff put their heads together to decide whether any modern introductions could be made to list of best characters. In all, twenty-five characters received votes but only one will reign supreme.

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trainsinrdr2685d ago

Blowjob girl from ballad of gay tony.

ksense2685d ago

my personal favorites are

1. solid snake
2. gordon freeman
3. mario
4. nathan drake
5. kratos

Kran2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I call BS on the character at number 1. (wont say the name)

I don't think I could cope with a friend like number 1. I think my head would probably come off.

Nathan Drake should have been on that list. Possibly one of the best developed character out there.

Tuxedo_Mask2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Master Chief and Gordon Freeman? I didn't even know who Gordon Freeman was until I played The Orange Box and my brother and I laughed every time we heard someone say "Gordon Freeman!" like he was some kind of celebrity. After finding out about what happened in the first game we understood why, but top 5 of all time? (For anyone wondering why I even bought The Orange Box when I hadn't played Half Life 1: It was $20, that's pretty much the reason.)

Master Chief doesn't have much depth in my opinion, although he does represent the Xbox brand pretty well. They aren't bad characters, but with so many others to choose from in the history of video games I wouldn't put them on an "all time" list.