Official: Microsoft Austria announces price drop for Xbox 360 games

Microsoft announced a price cut for Xbox 360 games. Gears of War 3 and Forza 4 are the first games, which will be available for a lower price, as Xbox Austria confirms.

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Yi-Long2566d ago

... it's been the same bunch of tracks since the first game, and they'll also be DLC-milking it again...

I'm gonna do the same thing I did with Forza 3: wait for an 'Ultimate' release to come out and get that for about 10 bucks on Amazon.

I really don't give a crap about having a thousand cars in a game which all have a billion polygons. I just want new fresh original FUN tracks to race on!

slavish32566d ago

lol you are either lying or haven;t play forza 3. please tell me a better race. that why so many disagree with you. don't say gt5 is better because i own the damn game psn terrydavid86. i'd say grid,dirt series are up there too

Yi-Long2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

... which is a game I'm also not interested in.

I've been playing Forza on the original Xbox. Loved it.

Played Forza 2 on the 360. Liked it, but a bit too simular to Forza 1 for my liking, and they dropped the nice point-to-point races.

Forza 3, again too many of the same old tracks, so yeah, that gets boring to me!

I'd rather see the developers put in 10-20 new original fun tracks to race on, instead of throwingin a hundred extra cars with a billion polygons. Cause I've been racing on the same Forza tracks for over 6-7 years orso now!

What's so hard to understand about that!?

To me, I'll be more excited about a new GRID then I am about this new Forza. Cause GRID felt fresh, had tracks I hadn't played before, the racing felt really good and intense, the environments felt more 'alive', etc etc.

killerhog2566d ago

I'll tell you some: gt5, midnight club, Tokyo extreme racer (import tuner challenge) etc. These games offer a lot of replayability and some offer deep customization, lots of tracks, cars, etc..

ironwolf2566d ago

Did you miss the new point to point races in F3? Did you miss the new tracks?

Yi-Long2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

... no, I was glad those P2P races were back in Forza 3, and I welcomed the few new tracks as well, but again you were also constantly racing on the old tracks, which I've already raced on thousands of times in both Forza 1 and 2...

... so you can see how that can become a bit 'boring', so I really was hoping for a whole bunch of new tracks and environments to discover and enjoy!

Also, these are mostly racing-tracks, which can look a bit empty/sterile and thus boring, whereas a game like GRID had fantastic tracks to race one with lots of stuff going on around the tracks, and a better sensation of speed and thus racing.

Like I said, I was a huge fan of Forza 1, but the 2nd one didn't bring enough change for me (and felt like a Forza HD, or Forza 1.5, and Forza 3 received a bit of the same criticism.

That doesn't mean it's a BAD game, but for people like me who already played the 1st and/or 2nd game to death, I personally felt it didn't offer enough new stuff to get excited about. And with that I mean mostly the lack of new fun tracks.

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kingdoms2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Do you even play forza?

Your comments always seem stealthy when you troll. You are so desperately trying to troll you slapped together your comment with things not unique to Forza and some things not even true. You're so desperate each point you made gets contradicted.

*ps3bestever* thinks the graphics are fake no matter how many people see the game and are in awe.

slavish32566d ago

wow this is a good move on m$ part

killerhog2566d ago

This is good for 360 owners; why should they pay exactly as blu-ray games, when DVD is inferior, holds less, and has weak scratch protection? This will also be good for ps3 owners; since we will be paying more for a format that holds more, has better disc scratch protection, etc.. Maybe developers then will stop shafting us.

Foxgod2566d ago

The cost of a dvd is like 10 cents a disc.
So youre basically saying we should get a 10 cent discount :P

killerhog2566d ago

That's 10 cents less you should be paying compared to blu-ray then