Bioshock Infinite, Sexism in gaming, Batman Arkham City, Twitter Contest - Gamers Riot ep 73

Today on Gamers Riot, Kris stops by and talks about an article that's got her all riled up.

Later on it’s a grudge match against one another on the PSN pass that is getting passed this season.

Then drooling over the 15 minute game play footage released from Irrational Games. And, Ben goes off rails on breaking immersion and being able to play as Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City.

Plus the announcement of the winner of the Twitter contest!

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trainsinrdr2626d ago

I made out 2 words in that sentence, Batman and sex.

Frak2626d ago

there is no such thing as sexsim,women belong in the kitchen and the bedroom ONLY

MerkinMax2626d ago

Go say that to an actual woman and see how funny she thinks it is.