Bungie on PS3: Can the studio replicate its Xbox success?

CVG - Bungie formally said goodbye to Halo over the weekend, right next to a call to arms for PlayStation 3 developers as the studio prepares the move to multiplatform.

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qwertyz2660d ago

they are going multiplatform so even if the games don't sell on ps3 they would probably sell on 360 as that's where most of their fans are

MaxXAttaxX2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

They're making a multiplatform game, aiming to appeal to a wider audience aside from the FPS/Halo players.

Or so I've heard and hope.

They shouldn't have much of a problem selling on PS3 as long as the game is good and dare I say...different.
They've been a one-trick pony so far(turning Marathon into Halo). Let's see what else they can do :)

DeFFeR2659d ago

Myth? Oni? Abuse? Pathways?

Bungie is hardly a one trick pony. It may SEEM like that nowadays in the age of the "blockbuster" and "system seller" but really - they've been making great games since their inception, just with a much smaller market share and user base.

mysterym2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

"Myth? Oni? Abuse? Pathways?"

Oni (pc) was a pile of steaming poo.

krauler2659d ago

I loved Abuse! I forgot about that one

suicidalblues2659d ago

@ mysterym

Myth and MythII were the best rts games of their time. Hard as hell and fun to play. Apparently you have no clue.

SilentNegotiator2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

"Can the studio replicate its Xbox success?"

Never. The media will NEVER simultaneously hype a game that has a PS3 release the same way they hype Halo.

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Shepherd 2142659d ago

good devs are good devs, im sure their next game will be great, like they always have been in the 20 years of Bungie existence.

ps4me2659d ago

I absoluely agree with you but Im looking for a Fully differnt gaming experience...No more Halo spinoffs...please.

t0mmyb0y2659d ago

really though it shouldn't matter what platform they make the game, if its good its good

Crazyglues2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I think this is why these studio's don't like to get locked down into one game, even if that game is a huge success...

why? because as a game designer you want to make other games.. it helps to keep you wanting to push yourself and it makes you good at making games, instead of good at making a game.

Sure you can add new things but in the end it's the same game.. Your making the same thing over and over and over again.. -(that's got to be frustrating as a game designer)

It's like an artist performing the same song over and over and over, and then when it's time to make the new album the studio says No! just make that same song again with a different verse and call it part 2..

As much as we love part 1 if you keep doing this to game developers they will not be able to make nothing new and exciting because all they have done for years is make the same game. -(and it kills creativity which is what really pushes the game industry)

So I don't know why gamers are surprised when we are not getting new and amazing games, these developers are stuck most of the time..

I just hope Bungie has not been making halo for so long that they can't really make anything else that will be as amazing.

-But I think that is exactly what has happened.

and I guess We shall soon see


subtenko2659d ago

ps3 owners for the most part arent gonna buy bungies games,lol. Bungie will be like "wtf, whats with the ps3 owners not buyin this stuff?!"

PS3 Owners: "Since you were riding on M$ for so long and we only liked a few of your games not all of them anyway..."

Agree of Disagree if you Agree :)

bodybombs2659d ago

unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

Saladfax2659d ago

I truly hope that there's a very tiny number of individuals who would refuse to play a good game simply because the developers were exclusive to a different plastic brick for a while.

otherZinc2659d ago

Though, there is a 90% chance I'm going to buy whatever they make at least once: as Halo is my favorite franchise ever:

Bungie will fail, this is why:

1. PS3 fans didn't buy Mass Effect 2. For everyone that says story is important...Mass Effect is friggin IT!

2. If Bungie makes said game on the current PS3 it wont be campaign co-op online & look great. Also, have co-op as wide open as Halo. The PS3 platform hasn't shown it can be done.

Bungie should wait for PS4 & 720 to be successful.

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Raven_Nomad2660d ago

Bungie was a one trick pony IMHO. The people that are actually left on Bungie now aren't even who the true Bungie team were back in the day. Most of those guys are now on 343.

When you make a game like Halo, everything else you make is going to be compared to that. So in that way, Bungie..or what's left of them, will never top that. Even though they might make a decent game.

MrSpace2660d ago

"When you make a game like Halo, everything else you make is going to be compared to that"

Oh yeah because Halo is the best game in the entire universe ¬¬

KMCROC2660d ago

Halo may not be the greatest game in the universe but in their portfolio of games it is, so when they do make a game it will be compared to Halo. Theirs no way around that, every aspect of this new game will be scrutinized & compared to their previous game sadly.

DeFFeR2659d ago


There are 4-5 former Bungie employees at 343i - not a majority.

Please don't be so naive

Chaostar2660d ago

Are you just making that up? Can you give me a shred of evidence that any major member of the team left Bungie?

Can somebody get me a link please?

hudsoniscool2660d ago

Frank O'conner left for 343 and he was one of the most important devs they had. he left after halo 2 which is when the quality of the games started droping slightly.

Chaostar2660d ago

Frank O'Connor was a writer for Bungie and not a developer. Although his absence may effect the game it will be in story only, which Halo has never been critically acclaimed for anyway.

Thanks for reminding me about him though, any more links of actual developers anyone?

KMCROC2660d ago

Frank O'Connor
Chad Armstrong (Shishka)
Vic DeLeon
Seth Gibson

lategamer2660d ago

Halo, Marathon, Myth. Hell, even Oni was a good game that could've used some more polish, I doubt you've played any of their games besides Halo though.

As for 343i, it has a few members from Bungie, not a majority. They do have a lot of talent though, developers from Kojima Producitons, Gearbox, etc.

Pintheshadows2659d ago

Oni is probably my favourite Bungie game. I'd like to see a sequel.

SJPFTW2659d ago

One trick pony? do you even know who bungie is? You obviously never heard of one of their first games called Myth, which many ...

"Reviewers have praised the series' (at the time) revolutionary use of 3D environments, its use of weather effects, and its realistic physics engines.. To many, Myth set the standard for the type of strategy that the Total War series of games made popular."

and which

"won several awards and spawned a large and active online community."

heck it has a 91 on metacritic.

bungie has proven and will again that they can cross gaming genre's and equally make a great and innovative game. anyone who says Bungie is a one trick pony is probably an

a) 7 year old who grew up in the call of duty generation
b) an idiot

disagrees commence...

rumplstilts2659d ago

Bungie was a one trick pony? Ever here of Myth? The game series that revolutionized strategy games? Highly realistic 3D battlefield with explosion physics? Permanent corpses? That game pretty much invented the Real Time Tactics genre.

So it is two genres they totally changed the game for. Strategy and FPS

Saladfax2659d ago

God, those dwarf bombs could be so wonderfully unpredictable. I once had a line of satchels ignite and launch a dud bomb right back into my poor little Ebi.

I also once used 80+ charges to wipe out the entire group of ghols worshiping at the Godhead.

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killerhog2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

If they do not leave ps3 owners in the gutter by giving us second class products compared to it's 360 counterpart they should do just fine. Hopefully bunjie is like insomniac and does different type of games and not just shooters. I want to see what bunjie can do with their style/design. Halo (reach) is colorful and alive. I would like them to do something along the lines of rachet or jak. bunjie is the 360s insomniac/naughty dog so now we'll see if they're just talk or if they can walk.

Dlacy13g2660d ago

"Bungie" has already proven they can walk. They did that with Halo. Should they choose to go in a new genre direction that will be a test for sure.

I personally dont want to see them deviate from shooters which they are really good at. I much prefer them to create a new fantastic world / IP in the shooter genre maybe supported by vehicles as opposed to trying to create a platformer game which they have pretty much ZERO experience doing.

killerhog2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

One game/franchise doesnt prove squat. I hate people who credit developers for 1 game or franchise it's what makes developers skeptical to do something new in my view, your second paragraphs proves just that.

lodossrage2660d ago

People need to stop being strung up on the idea that just because of one franchise or game, a developer is golden.

Case in point, Everyone talked how golden Silicon Knights was before Too Human.

Everyone talked now golden Factor 5 was until Lair.

Dlacy13g2660d ago

One game? Yes I would agree if a company had made only one game then sure...that definitely doesn't prove squat.

I disagree on the the premise that that one franchise proves nothing. Bungie has made 5 games in that franchise... all well received from the story lines to the mulitplayer to the co-op modes.

I definitely would like to see them do another shooter... but I will concede it wouldn't be horrible to see them do some kind of platformer / action game. As you expressed they have a knack for making colorful & alive worlds so that could work nicely.

Lylat_642660d ago

@lodossrage, how I miss Rogue Squadron :(

killerhog2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

thats why i said "franchise" all bungie did was: halo, halo, halo, halo and you guess it halo. which some people (fans) said they werent happy with 2-3 story line. look at developers like ND and insomniac and the hit tittles they have under their belts that range from different genres. i want bungie to show what they can do outside of shooters (comfort zone)

all those games you mention were average at best. i also played oni and again average. thats why bungie is only known for Halo. hell i even forgot bungie made oni till you brought it up.

rumplstilts2659d ago


Too Human and LAIR had very troubled development cycles. I believe both of those devs were great, despite their failures.

lodossrage2659d ago

Troubled Development cycles or not, the games still have THEIR fingerprints on them. And you're only as good as your last game.

And what have we last heard of either of those companies? Factor 5 had mass layoffs and Silicon Knights seems to have vanished off the face of the earth after that lawsuit with Epic.

Saladfax2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Average at best?

Myth, a series which created and defined real time tactics also featured a detailed, amazing story.

Marathon, an FPS whose physics, world-detail, and story completely obliterated Doom in terms of quality on every level. The only reason it's not more well-known is because for a long time it was Mac only. To this day, I still think the Marathon series offers one of the best narratives of any game.

Oni was about their worst offering, which is saying something because it's by no means bad. It got shortchanged due to Microsoft's buyout.

Even their older and more retro type titles like Pathways into Darkness and Abuse were still really good.

Finally, whether you like it or not (or if you're just pretentious/biased), Halo is a well-made series: a product of solid design.

I do really love Insomniac and Naughty Dog, but to say either developer has some kind of massive experience edge over Bungie makes you very, very ignorant.

rumplstilts2658d ago


If you know anything about development hell then you'll know that it can ruin everything, no matter the skill of the people behind it.

Ask David Fincher, director of multiple academy award winning films.He also directed Alien 3. Alien 3 is widely regarded as the turning point for the Alien franchise. And a bad turning point at that. It definitely wasn't his fault though. There were many conflicting ideas and upper management people getting involved were they shouldn't be. And because of all this they entered development hell. The result was a mediocre sequel. Was it David Fincher's lack of skill? Definitely not. Don't even try to say it is.

lodossrage2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


It doesn't matter for whatever reason it's in development hell, WHOEVER is the developer/creator of the project WILL be given the blame. That's life.

It makes no difference whose fault it is from one person to the next. And the finger pointing doesn't make a difference either. The one that will get blamed is the one that put their fingerprint on it. That's the bottom line.

That's the reason Gearbox is getting heat for Duke Nukem, is it necessarily their fault? No, it's not because all they did was work on leftover code that another developer had been working on for over a decade. But guess what, when you hear the stories about how bad Duke Nukem Forever is, what developer name is tagged to it?

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lategamer2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Bungie has created very interesting games, with great universes. Read up on Marathon or Myth. Oni was also a great game. What ever Bungie's next game, you can bet they will have a very strong universe and story, like all their previous games.

Not only that, but they've completely changed the way we play online game on consoles. is basically what Call of Duty Elite, Battlelog, etc. is basically Bungie perfected matchmaking. They added Theater mode seen in Uncharted, Black Ops.

BitbyDeath2659d ago

And before Bungie.Net was MyHawk.Org

lategamer2659d ago

Uh, no. gave stats for Halo 2. That was in 2004. It was around before myhawk.

I'm sure some PC games have had stat tracking as well, but Bungie was the first company on consoles to go really in depth with online services.