Battlefield 3 'demolished' MW3 at E3 - PC Gamer

EA's Battlefield 3 didn't just top Activision's Modern Warfare 3 at E3 2011 - it "destroyed" and "demolished" it.

That's according to the latest issue of PC Gamer, in which editor Tim Edwards describes how DICE's title impressed on the first day of the Los Angeles show - and then remained "front and centre in my mind" for the event's duration.

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trainsinrdr2566d ago

But MW3 will demolish bf3 saleswise.

Undeadwolfy2566d ago

Sales =/= Quality. Battlefield will demolish CoD in quality and will give it a run for its overcharged map packs in money for sales. Cant wait.

Trunkz Jr2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Indeed. MW3 will win with sales just cause so many people are loyal to it, not to mention kids as well... Where as Battlefield is a quality product and offers more in terms of everything.

Plus MW3 doesn't have dinosaurs...

NewMonday2566d ago

it will mostly come to the children, most of them just can't handle BF.

Psychotica2566d ago

Don't think so. BF3 sales will continue for years beyond the life cycle of MW3

Inside_out2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Ea-Dice did such a bang up job that they are still apologizing for lying to everyone about the PC footage. Where was the console footage???

Then Kotick made Johnny Ravioli over at EA look stupid by pointing out that is was all fanatsy PC footage to which Johnny spaghettini said " I feel sorry for you if you think that is PC "...0_o...then they refused to let Kotick enter the EA

To make matters worse, they demo Battlefield 3 on PS3 on Jimmy Fallon and say it's the first time console footage was being shown...but,but Johnny said that the E3 footage was console footage...what a mess...LMFAO

NOW, it's hey it's 30 fps and 720p like all the other games...O_o...but,but Dice, you said Frostbite 2 was a next gen engine in the current gen??? :/

Wait for the beta if they have the balls to run it on consoles. Demolished is a very appropriate word for what is about to happen. ;D

Gran Touring2563d ago

Bobby Kotick never tried to enter the EA booth. We have confirmation on this from both EA and Activision representatives.

The PS3 demo footage on Fallon was the first GAMEPLAY demonstration shown. The other console footage was taken from the E3 trailer.

About BF3 running at 720p 30 frames...Call of Duty has yet to even run in HD.

AtomicGerbil2566d ago

Clearly for the author it did, and he was there.

My question is, were you?

Hufandpuf2566d ago

I kinda feel sorry for you man, you have 1 bubble because you're always trolling in BF3 articles without CREDIBLE statements, just opinions. I looked up your Game profiles and I recognize that your a good gamer but I would think that you'd be a little smarter than just saying BF3 sucks.

user83971442566d ago

Looking forward to Battlefield 3 and Resistance 3.

zeksta2566d ago

Modern Warfare 3 will be nothing more then another attempt at the "Recreation" of the Call of Duty engine, but simply put, will only be a rehash with a few new maps, guns and gadgets.

The game has basically screwed itself over.

leogets2566d ago

and why shouldnt it of demolished mw3. battlefield makes you feel your in a war mp perspective where cod fails too. cod is just a map with people shootin each other as quick as is a full blown war experiance. so in my opinion bf dmolishes cod each and every time

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