2011 Mid-Year Grades for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo

VGW: The year is a little more than half over, and while we already checked out the top games of each of the first two quarters, it’s time we look at how the heavy hitters did with their overall plans. With so many games going completely multiplatform, exclusive titles play a huge role into how well a company does in the console wars these days.

That’s certainly not all that is taken into consideration, however. How well did the company address adversity? How did the company keep gamers engaged and interested? How did the company get gamers excited for the rest of 2011 and beyond? Perhaps the most important question that is factored into the equation is: how good of a case did the company make that their console is the console to have? Check out how well the big three answered those questions and more below.

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dragonyght2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

this is not gonna end well

killyourfm2595d ago

For one company it will...

ConanOBrien2595d ago Show
TheDareDevil2595d ago

This is site is biased. One month of PSN outage, and yet an A-? agreed, Sony had the quantity of exclusives but quality? Killzone 3 doesn't feel like a KZ game. It went the COD route to appeal to a larger fanbase. Motorstorm: Apolcalypse didn't fare well either. SOCOM 4 didn't do well due to a lot of glitches. LBP 2 and InFamous 2, were the decent games and yet an A-?

fatstarr2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

wow most biased thing ive read in a long long time.

Microsoft D-, Nothing but kinect games and 2 exclusives
Nintendo C+, Zelda and some quality 3DS titles on the way
Sony C+, lots of exclusives still have making up to do meh on vita.

all 3 company's aren't doing well its getting bland and boring.

Nintendo can instantly turn their grade into an A if the last story, xenoblade, tales of graces and some other exclusives come out to the states.

LOGICWINS2595d ago

The grades look fine to me.

Microsoft C+
Nintendo D+
Sony A-

xJumpManx2595d ago

Microsoft C+
Nintendo D+
Sony C
Without the exclusive games it would be an F because of the outage.

LOGICWINS2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

@xjump- But they made up for the outage with the Welcome Back Package. Heck, 2 months of PS Plus ALONE made up for the outage.

I'm about to download my free trial of Brotherhood :)

I actually forgot about PSN getting hacked until you mentioned it.

miDnIghtEr2595d ago

Yep, just like everyone forgot about RRoD, until people mentioned it.

squallheart2595d ago

I find it odd that they never mention the other exclusives like yakuza 4, killzone 3, neptunia and many more to name that are exclusive to the console. Its always the same titles i mean theres a lot of variety on the console.

kingdavid2595d ago

I dont get it..

Microsoft doesnt release one exclusive title and it still gets a full mark better than nintendo.

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Objective2595d ago

It is a fair appraisal insofar as 2011 mid year is concerned.

dangert122595d ago

I only have a ps3 and to be honest with you what has came out this year on the 'MOST' part has let me down,
Last year SOCOM 4 was a most have for me KZ3 was my most anticipated game LBP 2 was day one

Killzone 3 got it, did't like it...sold it
SOCOM 4 the more and more it got closer to release the more i did't like it plus is missing vital feaures for such a game
LBP 2 cba 2 pick it up now ill what for a GOTY edition
Imfamous's 2 story let me down
And I am back to play games from previous years =/

heres to
Uncharted 3
resistance 3
twisted metal
and starhawk being the shit!?

BitbyDeath2595d ago

Starhawk isn't out til 2012.
It will be awesome, oh yes, it will be awesome.

Pikajew2595d ago

The site says fanboy free but give Nintendo and Microsoft a horrible score and Sony a good one.

LOGICWINS2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Well, Nintendo and Microsoft dissapointed this year.

The 3DS launched at an outrageous price and has an underwhelming line up. The best game on the damn thing is a Nintendo 64 game remake.

With the 360, its just ANOTHER Halo and Gears game..and the Halo game is only a revamped version of a 10 year old game.

The PS3 ACTUALLY has a variety of great exclusive games on the horizon and EXCEEDED expectations with their Welcome Back Package.


-$500 Resistance 3 3DTV bundle
-Move controls for Bioshock Infinite
-Uncharted 3
-Twisted Metal
-Infamous 2
-LBP 2
-Socom 4
-Killzone 3
-Splinter Cell Collection
-ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection


-More Halo
-Multiplats that are on the PS3 as well
-Black Ops map packs early

-Best thing from them all year was Pokemon Black and White...which is awesome, but just not enough.

Pikajew2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

But all the games Nintendo released this year were great few but great. Sony may have released a lot of game but not all of them were great only some of them were great.

LOGICWINS2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

@Pikajew- Thats your opinion though and judging from your name..I'd say your biased. I doubt you even played EVERY game released on the Wii/3DS this year so far to even make that judgement.

Even operating under the assumption that every PS3, 360, Wii, and 3DS game to come out this year was AVERAGE at best..the PS3 still dominates do to its large volume of exclusive content.

This is about LOGIC, not opinion.

Is it possible for a person to enjoy Pokemon B & W, more than ANY PS3/360 game? Sure.

Is it possible for a person to enjoy Gears 3, more than ANY PS3/Wii game? Sure.

But thats not the point. We're measuring the amount of exclusive content released for each console at the BEST value.

You get more exclusive content at the best value with a PS3 this year than any other console with the exception of the original DS.

kingdavid2595d ago

Logic loses once again.

This is a mid year grade. How can you grade Microsoft and Sony on games which havent been released yet this year and not do the same for Nintendo?

nightmarex1212595d ago

It hard to give a good score if you don't have enough evidence to back up the claim.

killyourfm2595d ago

Does a fanboy-free site mean that they should suck everyone's dick, or hate all things equally? No. It means they're objective and call it like it is in a logical fashion. That's what was done here.

xJumpManx2595d ago

Maybe if PSN goes offline for a year maybe they will get even a better score. I will stick with my xbox best multi-platform games and online community is awesome.

Arthas2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Sorry but you can't entirely blame Sony for getting hacked. Anon and Lulzsec is showing that no one is safe. They just hacked Apple for gods sake. Sony deserves the praise it's getting here because they are the only company that shows they care about gamers by actually releasing GAMES.

M$ could give 2 $h!t$ about you as long as youre payin em.

2595d ago
XabiDaChosenOne2595d ago

Microsoft should have gotten an F

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