Strategy guides and Braid: Sometimes the developer doesn't know best (Bitmob)

Andrew Hiscock: Was developer Jonathan Blow mistaken in asking me not to use walkthroughs to help me finish Braid? Yes. Yes, he was.

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Gungnir2626d ago

I love how he broke his own rule with that recent video he did where he walked through the entire game as well as giving tips for speed runs.

illegalyouth2626d ago

That's not necessarily true. I think it's fair to assume that an audience who decides to attend a talk on Braid is familiar enough with the source material.

Also, how else could Blow analyze design decisions without walking through and explaining portions of the game?

ratsrock2626d ago

but... the developer *was* right!
I do understand it, i understand it completely!
I didn't use a guide at all. not even for the stars.

Jonathan Blow does know best... at least for this game in particular and the idea (not that you shouldn't use a guide but that)it ruins the experience or spoils it since the greatest part of the game is the feeling of figuring the puzzles.

Developer does know best. Strategy guides can be use if you want to "beat" or 'win' the game. but in Braid there is not such thing. it cares about deeper and more meaningful things! ...but you can use a guide. its ok...

SybaRat2626d ago

I have to wonder if there's a deeper problem at work when a developer feels the need to lecture people (outside of an actual lecture in a classroom) on how -- and how not -- to play his game.