Leaks, riots, and monocles: how a $60 in-game item almost destroyed EVE Online

ARS: Controversy was expected, but not virtual riots.

On June 21, developer CCP updated its popular space-opera-slash-MMO EVE Online so that players could take their avatars outside their ships and walk around the game world. With this new ability came a store that sold vanity items—in-game clothing and accessories that alter an avatar's looks but don't change an avatar's abilities. The price for these items was much higher than most people expected for vanity in-game items which did absolutely nothing, and it made players nervous. The EVE playerbase didn't want their game turning to microtransactions to increase the cost of playing.

That fear seemed to be legitimate when an internal CCP communication leaked online. Called "Greed is Good?," it provided a detailed argument between members of the development team over whether to sell items that could change the way the game is played. Nervousness in some players gave way to rage.

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give me DUST 514 for the PS3 and SHUTup

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Im not a pc gamer but thats really messed up