X-Men Destiny Interview with Brian Pass and writer Mike Carey (

X-men Destiny is a new RPG set in the expansive X-Men comic book world. In it, you play as one of three new mutants. created for the game, forging and creating your own unique super-hero. It’s being developed by Silicon Knights, who brought you Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, The excellent Eternal Darkness, and another game we’d rather not mention.
Lazygamer got to ask a few question of Senior producer Brian Pass and comic book writer Mike Carey about the game.

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GavinMannion2715d ago

I'm a massive X-Men movie fan but I can't say I've ever been hyped about a (an?) X-Men game...

WobblyOnion2715d ago

I'm keen for an X-men RPG... It'll be a nice change from the button mashey stuff we've had of late. it's just that Silicon Knights being behind the wheel has me scared.

Darranged2715d ago

I'll give them a chance. So far, they've got some intersting design and gameplay mechanics lined up, its looks original and intriguing at least.

slavish32714d ago

i was so hyped until i seen the game :(