Where (or when) next for GTAV?

Game Podunk writes: "We all know GTAV is on its way, although Rockstar have yet to officially announce it. The 'leaked video' is in all likliehood a complete fabrication, but that doesn't mean it hasn’t reignited the fires of expectation and speculation that only GTA seems able to feed. Where and when will GTAV be set?

Sure Call of Duty and Halo might have been taking all the limelight and some serious dollar in recent years, but let's face it, we all know what to expect with those games. The mere locale for a new GTA game is enough to send fans crazy with desire. On the other hand, Rockstar have been known to recycle their settings, Liberty City being the biggest offender. New York (aka Liberty City) is done and needs to be banned from all GTA titles for at least another ten years. She’s served us well, but too many games are obsessed with the Big Apple: Prototype, Crysis 2 and so on. Unless it's Spider-Man, stay out."

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bggriffiths2711d ago

Now if ever a country was under-represented in the land of video games it's Australia. They've got some awesome gaming landscapes. Shame a GTA game set there would probably never hit the shelves there as the ban-hammer would surely strike!


It should b done in Africa....Im an African and trust me they is a huge gaming community over here among the middle/higher class people(Not what the bias media shows u on the news)..mostly in Nigeria where im from. :D

Any way i know thats never gonna happen so i think it should b done in England.

BushLitter2711d ago

They should set in Johannesburg - Crime Capital of the World during the World Cup 2010.

MrSpace2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Vice City...but I'm hoping for a way bigger map. Like Vice City are just two small islands in the corner of the map and you have other islands above and a massive mainland at the side.

I like Vice City but it's too small.

"It would be foolish to rule out the possibility of other locations making a comeback though. San Andreas had a great mixture of environments like LA, woodland, deserts and even Area 51, but it was considered too big by many"

"but it was considered too big by many"

Who the hell thought that, SA map was amazing. That's what I was dissapointed about in GTA4, that it was small compared to Saints Row 2 or Just Cause 2.

Ocelot5252711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I think liberty city is bigger than that city of sr2

trainsinrdr2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Nooooooooooooooooooooo bring it to Ireland xD

[email protected] S2580

I'd rather Donegal cus thats where im from and i would be familiar with it all xD

S25802711d ago

O ye. bit of GTA Limrick would be class. and packie could make a return then, one can dream....

Pintheshadows2711d ago

I'd like to see somewhere on the mediterranean.

showtimefolks2711d ago

unless something big happens and RS announce GTA5 later this year either through GAMEINFORMER or GTTV but GTA doesn't need either of those 2. RS can just hold a party and announce it.

I liked when gameinformer's editor in chief said GTA is bigger than E3 and he said even if they have something plannedf if RS call GTA5 will be on the covere when ever RS wants.

now down to location.

I think we will see a combo city kind of thing

vice city

as one big city or state

and please have all those RPG elements of gta SA

damn now i will go and play SA all day today with jetpacks lol

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