PlayStation Network Welcome Back Program Boosted PS3 Sales

PlayStation Network is up and running in all parts of the world now, and Sony has been doing everything it can to win back customers. The Welcome Back program, which offered gamers free downloads of two choices from four titles (Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Dead Nation and WipEout), has been a resounding success, according to new research from EEDAR.

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CynicalVision2711d ago


Sony caused the outage themselves to boost sales...well, that's what a conspiracy theorist might suggest. ;)

gamingdroid2711d ago

The loss stemming from PSN being down exceeds the boost. If anything, it's like a backlog of content people wanted to get, but generally speaking if people are on something more than usual, they are likely to spend more money.

That is why retail stores want you to spend as much time in-store as possible.

killerhog2711d ago

How would it boost sales? Only accounts made before the outage can redeem the games and only for 1 console? I hope you were being sarcastic with that comment

Omega Archetype2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I was about to ask the same thing. How in the world could that possibly effect sales when you have to have an account from before April 20th, 2011 to even benefit from the Welcome back program?

dangert122711d ago

Because people may have thought they could get the free games too, though sony said its only for people with accounts before the hack does not me everyone who got the news got that little bit

killerhog2711d ago


It didn't effect it sales significantly at all, whether beneficial or not. There was no shift in it's momentum. In fact, it effected it's NA sales as it descended compared to previous weeks prior to the outage.

dangert122711d ago

oh *scratches head* lol

killerhog2711d ago


It also hurt its software sales. Usually games like adventure, racing and RPGs sell more on the ps3 even in NA but that changed as games like la noire, dirt 3 and portal sold more on the 360 since the outage

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Der_Kommandant2711d ago

I've spent like $200+ on PSN since outage :/

Acquiescence2711d ago

that a little bit of generosity can go a long way.

YourFlyness2711d ago

How could the Welcome back program boost sales if you had to have an Already establish account prior to the outage?

perfectCarbonara2711d ago

Because it only does everything. With PS3 anything is possible so please check your logic at the door.

Motorola2711d ago

If you had a PSP you probably used PSN to use the store and what not.

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