Ken Levine On Bioshock Infinite Using Move and Bioshock Vita

Bioshock Infinite was one of the best games at display during last month’s E3. Creative director, Ken Levine surprised many by taking stage during Sony’e E3 presser announcing PS Move support for Infinit and a brand new Bioshock Infinite game for the Vita.

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NukaCola2660d ago

It looks like they plan to make Move immersive and not tacked on in anyway. I like that. I think that playing this in 3D is really going to be sick. Skylining in 3D is going to be a rush if you ask me.

NewMonday2660d ago

is this going to be 3D?

i hope so, the game looks like it was made for 3D.

Zydake2660d ago

Can't wait :D fuck bioshock haters

gamingdroid2660d ago

Who hates Bioshock?

urmm... I didn't think Bioshock 2 was that great, but it wasn't bad. The world and intrigue no longer was as exciting as the first game (it had many twists in the story), but it was an above average shooter.

Looking forward to Infinite though!

Pintheshadows2660d ago


I agree about Bioshock 2 but it was still very very good. Infinite looks to bring back that feeling that the original game had. Becoming engrossed and totally buying the imaginative setting. Magnificent.

f7897902660d ago

I actually was never interested in either the first or second Bioshock. I tried to like it but it didn't click for me and I never bought it.

Bioshock Infinite is looking very good and will be a day 1 purchase for me.

Zydake2660d ago

oh last time i was on N4g there was a lot of hate toward bioshock

zerocrossing2660d ago

See this is exactly how devs should go about incorporating move and kinect into their games, Glad to hear Levine gets it.

femshep2660d ago

poor poor PlayStation version of bioshock as long as the 360 and the pc versions don't get effected by this

TBM2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Wonder what your tune would be if he said they were going to implement kinect into the experience?

I know which version i'll be buying, and its the one that's gonna give me options for playing this beauty of a game.

NukaCola2660d ago

I saw the PS3 version. It ran just a smooth as any other and will be ing 3D too. Troll elsewhere please. You need to contribute like a mature person or get out.

Pintheshadows2660d ago

Did you read the article? I could say the same about ME3 and Kinect. In fact I just did :p

femshep2660d ago

well TBM i would still say the same thing except leave out 360 that dosn't get effected

and pinteshadows
the only kinect there using for ME3 is voice commands so its not really effected, plus the executed mass effect 3 when they decided to water it down even more then they already did making it into gears of mass effect

TBM2660d ago

Well i'd rather have the option of playing it in differnt ways, and still have a top notch experience like Levine said. As stated in the article since you seemed to not have read you wont even notice that its there if you don't want to use it.

killerhog2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Did you read the article by any chance...? They are not forcing you to use move and you won't even notice it's there. In the other hand someone like myself has the oppurtunity to use it if I wish. Doesn't hurt trying it out and if I don't like it I can go back to the dual shock. If someone else likes it though that's their preference and not for me to judge or prevent developers from implementing it.

Arthas2660d ago

Just like a woman. Always b!tch!ng about things you don't understand.

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