Indie Devs: Sony Says Yes, Nintendo Says No

"According to Sony Computer Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida, the gaming industry would “stall” without the innovation brought by small, indie developers."- The Stoned Sheep

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dangert122716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Its sad to be honest does nintendo not know we all have to start somewhere?

Just because devs are not 'garage developers' does not mean there games are good ala 'halo reach' lol im joking reach is ok just trolling here ignore me. But back on topic there has been plenty of aweful games released by big developers...too human a prime example

I remember reading an interview on here and Miyamoto ? the mario guy don't know how you spell his name, but he said nintendo would't higher a guy like him. now you need fancy certificates etc. whats funny is he is respect highly in the nintendo ranks for his innvoations and games and i don't think theres another single nintedo dev/proudcer with such respect.

seems like these high standards nintendo have are blocking invoation and just saying save save save
hence why the wii and 3d hardware wise are a bag of shit compared to its counterparts

bubbles to sony though

dubal-e2716d ago

I get where ur coming from but there is way too much shovelware on the big N's system, I'm happy to let sony sort em out.

ReservoirDog3162716d ago

Just saying, psn needs 100% more Super Meat Boy. Apparently they turned it down.


charmer2715d ago

sony says yes nintendo says no.... oh please... sony is the least innovative company in the gaming industry far behind nintendo and microsoft