Windows 8: 360 games on PC, RIP PC Gaming?

An article about how they could make this a possibility to have 360 games playable on PC and vice versa (such as the means they would use to do this), along with why this could be the end of PC gaming/portable systems.

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Wizziokid2534d ago

if you need to pay monthly yes, but thankfully services like steam are out there.

Trunkz Jr2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

PC Gaming won't be dying anytime soon.

If anything, this will give PC gaming new life.

Washington-Capitals2534d ago

Nothing is going to die. Not xbox, pc or ps3 for that matter. People make more out of a situation then needs be.

bakasora2534d ago

So I can try full X360 games for free in the future?

cooperdnizzle2533d ago

@ Washington capitals. Now i know you're stupid, The call of duty engine is over 10 years old. Hahahaha its an engine they bought from id. Look it up buddy. You just proved my point with you're own stupidity. They have been using that engine for more then a decade. They have made updates to it, but have not built a new engine. And then you block me cause you can't handle being wrong. lol

NukaCola2534d ago

MAybe this an attempt to get the family on the PC. If Live and Kinect is on PC then they can just make 8 with Xbox 720 maybe. I dont think that would be smart but who am I to determine good makreting strategy.

kevnb2534d ago

where have you been? The family is already on the pc, while consoles are popular, they dont have the entire family on them like pcs. All my dad will play is online poker, he does so on his cheap pc for example.

fluffydelusions2534d ago

I'd bet this will be the same implementation as is on WP7. So it's really nothing special.

MintBerryCrunch2534d ago

The majority of the 360's library is playable on the PC with the exception of some console titles and xbla titles, so no PC gaming won't die, MS is trying to do something that Steam dominates at the moment and is a free service

i think that MS will create a subscription fee for this service, i just want to know how open the service will be and if MS will allow PC gamers to mod the games that will be available once its released

DragonKnight2534d ago

"i just want to know how open the service will be and if MS will allow PC gamers to mod the games that will be available once its released."

it will be closed tighter than Fort Knox and the only mods around will be moderators. This is Microsoft we're talking about.

TheCrazyMerc2534d ago

Well, here comes more piracy.

ZETTA2533d ago

you are retarded if you think all pc gamers pirate games, and as you may know PC gaming is expensive therefore we can afford games console gamers cant.

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The story is too old to be commented.