Child of Eden: Better With Kinect?

Mike Deneen: "After hearing so many negative things about previous Xbox titles that were labeled as “Better With Kinect,” I was very leery of picking up anything else with the purpose of using it for the Kinect. Admittedly, I’ve also been a little apprehensive about Microsoft’s big push to integrate the Kinect into big IPs such as Mass Effect 3 and Madden 12.

However, after playing Child of Eden, I’ve been put to ease. If every game could use Kinect the way Child of Eden has, perhaps more people would stop feeling that the Kinect is just another gimmick."

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Kran2387d ago

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Child of Eden:

"Hurts More with Kinect"

Seriously, my arm kills after playing it with Kinect. It's still fun, but my arm just kills lol

DarkTower8052387d ago

Being a PS3 only owner right now I wouldn't know, but it does look fun. Definitely picking up when the PS3 version comes out.

Between the Move, Kinect and standard controller, this seems to be a game that can offer 3 totally unique experiences.

danielle0072387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Wanna know why it hurt?

You were gaining muscle :D ! It's a two for one package! Great game && arm muscles! Super value =P

danielle0072387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I wish they would patch Rez HD to use the Child of Eden Kinect controls.

But, honestly, Child of Eden + Kinect is literally beautiful and it feels like you're using the force when you play the game. It's such super smooth gameplay, and the story is moving, and the visuals are breathtaking. Also, it's really fun! A controller would definitely detract from the immersion, imo. I've played Rez. Never felt part of the world like I do in Child of Eden, and I really believe a large part of that is due to the Kinect. You target and shoot with just your hands! Stellar stuff.

Gen0ne2387d ago

Yup. Rez needs a Kinect patch. That was the 1st thing I said when I played.

prettyboy122387d ago

its quite the oposite for me,using kinect for it was kinda a chore...LITERALLY!but to each his or in your case her own

danielle0072387d ago

Work those arm muscles! =P

Gen0ne2387d ago

Don't wanna say it but, yes it is. I actually refuse to play it with a controller. Too bad there isn't anything else that's nearly as good. But, well... there you have it. It's better.

Raven_Nomad2387d ago

Definitely better with Kinect. This game plays like it was designed for Kinect specifically. I love playing it on my big screen. So much fun. With no controller to fuss with you are free to be totally immersed in the game itself.

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