Bioware Teases a Secret Feature X For Mass Effect 3

Bioware is teasing some mysterious " secret feature X" for their upcoming space opera epic Mass Effect 3. What could it be?

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omi25p2715d ago

Online multiplayer. Hopefully co-op

Lord_Sloth2715d ago

While online is used alot now, co-op is often neglected and that upsets me. I love co-op! It's already squad based. What's wrong with tackin somethin on for those that wish to use it?

AlienBlaster2715d ago

I would be ok with co-op but competitive multiplayer is out of the question,Mass Effect series are one of the last purely singleplayer games and i would like to keep it that way.

Lord_Sloth2715d ago

Indeed. They should bring The Omega Strain back.

MrCrimson2715d ago

almost certain this is the case. its been highly rumored.

Fayulah2715d ago

I hope it is something else then multiplayer :). This kind of game doesn't need multiplayer at all since it is already being great in a form it currently is.

blizzard_cool2715d ago

Gonna be able to have a 3some, called it first!

AlienBlaster2714d ago

Loool man, now that would be an improvement.

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femshep2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

well they already watered to the game down to the bones and added multiplayer so i don't think they can ruin the game anymore than they did but it is bioware super sell outs of 2011

The Meerkat2715d ago

1 was good
2 was good
I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to 3.

femshep2715d ago

1 was amazing
2 was alright be more than amazing if they hadn't streamlined it
3 is poop from what they showed so far

ME19892714d ago

Mass Effect 3 already has a much deeper customization system than Mass Effect 2, so I don't get where you see it's "watered down to the bones".

There's also no multiplayer, lay off the reefer.

MrSpace2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

They couldn't even give us an uber collectors edition for the final Mass Effect game in Commander Shepard's trilogy. They even made a forum thread asking people what they wanted to see, hyping people up and yet they bring out the N7 CE which is....well how to put it nicley, worse then ME2's CE. Any thread that get's made in the Bioware forums on a CE get's locked straight away by Chris.

Who the hell would want co-op for a great game like this, it's an amazing game which dosen't need it.

Solans Scott2715d ago

March 2012 can't come soon enough.

blackmamba7072715d ago

I'm sure it's coop, they were teasing about it long time ago

and the game is pretty much tailored for it

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