Flagship CEO responds to Hellgate: London criticisms, shows new content

GamePro speak with Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper about the future of Hellgate: London, and give him a chance to answer some of the most vocal criticisms against the game.

GamePro: One of the biggest complaints is about the variety of the levels: despite being in London, you fight in dungeons and basements and sewers an awful lot.

Bill Roper: [We re-flowed the level layouts in the final version, with a focus on theming the Acts], so that should help. We probably have as many, if not more, level variations in Hellgate as we did in Diablo 2. The reason it feels different is because the game takes place in London or Hell. I think the Act changes in Diablo 2 were more striking - desert, forest, jungle - but if you look at the individual areas, it pretty much boiled down to forest, graveyard, underground caverns, and the Rogue's headquarters. That's pretty much Act 1 of Diablo 2.

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