Martin Edmondson on Driv3r: “the strength of criticism took us aback”

DGP: "'With Driver 3 we just didn’t get the on-foot stuff finished, there’s no doubting that. When you look at the game you can tell there were quite a lot of bugs.'"

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SoapShoes2686d ago

Great read. I loved Driver 3, even though I thought the on-foot missions sucked. The driving was top-notch and so were the cop chases. I preferred it over Vice City just because of the intense driving.

I hope someday they make a real Driver sequel again. Driver 4 but not having to be rushed. I think now that they are with Ubisoft, they'll give them time to finish.

StartWars2686d ago

Indeed, Driv3r was ahead of its time in terms of car physics and damage so it's a pity the on-foot let it down so badly.