The Best Looking Game of 2011 is ... GTA 4!

Games Aktuell writes: "When one would have told us that GTA 4 will be the best looking game in 2011, we would have laughed loudly. Hysterically maybe. But with the latest round of PC mods, GTA 4 is by far the best looking game out there. Check these screenshots if you still have any doubt."

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qwertyz2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )


pc= platform of infinite possibilities

Gray-Fox-Type02688d ago

GTA 4 Looks incredible now thanks to mods.

JsonHenry2688d ago

D'oh! I wish I bought GTA pack on Steam summer camp sale last week now.

The Creep2688d ago

apparently the mds dont work on steam cuzzy

JsonHenry2688d ago

In that case I am glad I didn't get it after all.

bozebo2688d ago

They do work, you just need to mess around a little. But you will probably find it cheap somewhere on disk anyway.

Motorola2688d ago

I was told by 3 different people on this site that mods do work with the steam version. Its true

rajman2688d ago

The power of mods is incredible

BeastlyRig2688d ago

It makes me happy that skyrim & Rage come with mod tools!

Modders untapping the true power of pc!


LilDeja932688d ago

Amazing what these modders can do, and you've got Rockstar's team who probably have no idea about this.

Employ These PEOPLE.

bozebo2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

They have far more skilled employees already (some of the best in the industry). The reason the original GTA4 didn't look that good on PC is because it was a console port.

Raendom2688d ago

I'd love a website that isn't German to talk about these GTA mods.

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The story is too old to be commented.