Fuming CoD customer snaffles URL

CVG: Prankster asks for donation due to Treyarch's "crap coding"

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Nate-Dog2710d ago

That's a great idea, because the same team that made Black Ops are making MW3, right?

Caleb_1412710d ago

While it's obvious your joking, you can't deny that every call of duty has been a huge buggy mess upon release now can you?

Kee2710d ago

Call of duty's online is always terrible for the first month or so. Then they fix it.

It's almost as if they aren't expecting millions of people to hop online straight away. Every freaking time, they fuck that up and don't really learn from that same mistake.

Nate-Dog2710d ago

No I'm not denying that, I'm just saying the guy that did this probably didn't think out his plan very well lol. Black Ops probably was the worst for being buggy and in general just a mess (mainly on PS3, I can't comment on PC or X360 versions).

JeffGUNZ2709d ago

I had it for the 360 and I have to say, I didn't really run into any problems. Sure, the first day or two it took a few minutes to get a party into the same lobby, but that was fixed quickly. I feel bad for PS3 gamers, as I heard it was a God awful mess for a long time.

Bonobo123452710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

They know that the core cod crowd are idiots.

They know they have no idea about ping and horrible hit detection.

They know that the cod crowd won't realise that you don't actually have to fire a bullet for large portions of their game.

They know what they are doing, making the same game year after year, and they are laughing.

They are laughing at all of us, especially the cod fans.

They laugh at EA probably they think "LOL we can beat you and we don't really have to do squat, Infinity ward did all the work for us back in 2007! Then we fired them! and stole their engine!"

They know they will never need to do a beta, because regardless of how bad the net code is and how buggy and glitchy the game is, the kids and morons will still be lining up at 12pm for their next year of Cod relief.

Activision are like drug dealers, they found a cook that cooked up something highly addictive to little kids and the hard of thinking, then they sell it annually to those looking for a fix. But they water down their gear so that those users never get a great high again, they just end up taking it to feel normal.

Fuck you Activision..... Fuck you.

antz11042710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Would you like a bigger box to stand on, maybe a blowhorn?

They make a game that millions of people like to play because they find it fun; and installments keep rolling out because the mass populous has proven they want another, thats all.

Since you're good at generalizing (as evidenced with your connotations about ppl that play CoD), you'll understand that we could also say the above about Battlefield, GoW, and Mario.

radphil2710d ago


So you don't question anything they do?

antz11042709d ago

@ radphil,

Sure I do and yes, Bobby Kotick is Satan incarnate and no, I will not pay for a $15 dollar map pack. But I like to play the game. I like the weapons, the maps, the pace, and the perks (most of them). Elite doesn't phase me because it doesn't affect direct online play.

Bonobo can talk about how evil activision is putting out the same game year after year with a small online fee for a portion of it now, but I just want to remind him that Battlefield parent company EA was doing both long before with Madden. The double standard kills me.

LilDeja932710d ago

"Please feel free to make a donation if you feel sorry for me lol"

Funniest thing i've seen today, what a legend.