Tutorial: How to use your PS3-controller on your PC

TechNoid writes: "A lot of gamers use their Xbox-controller to play games on PC, but what if you don't have a Xbox 360? MotionInJoy offers the opportunity to use your Sixaxis-controller on your PC, only following some easy steps."

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Ranshak2710d ago

Already use motionjoy, its a great utility.

I was playing dirt 2 on my PC. Eyefinity (3 screens) along with the DS3 controller. When some of my brothers friends walked in.

They are like "where is the PS3, and how is the game running on 3 screens?"

i just loled.

deadpoole2710d ago

Im thinkin of doin thus ... hows yr experience with fps games usin DS3.

Getowned2710d ago

mine were good because im use to the controlers and i felt like i had more manoeuvre capabilities,but i manly use it with emulators i had it going on a pokemon game once,but most pc games i play are RTS games so i don't use it often.

Substance1012710d ago

Its pretty good, but you wouldnt wanna use a control pad on a PC for FPS u will get slaughtered.

stevenhiggster2710d ago

@substance, you are spot on but controllers are fine for single player fps' on PC. Just don't try and use it online, you will get pwned. No matter how good you think you are at fps with a controller, you will get your ass handed to you by people with m&k.

deadpoole2710d ago

Thanks fellas ... the thing is I used to be Pc Gamer ... but then moved to console for good ... the rhing is I tried BF2 ... damn mouse movement was making me puke ... seriously it was nauseatin ... dont know why ... I think my mouse DPI are way tooo high, even slight touch/heck pulse in my hand makes aim move ... lollll. Thats why I was thinkin of usin DS3.

stevenhiggster2709d ago

Get a decent gaming mouse and you can adjust the sensitivity on the fly. I have a logitech laser G9 which has loads of different settings available. You really should get a proper gaming mouse anyway, you need a good 5 button mouse for gaming.

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newn4gguy2710d ago


Good luck getting it to work on 64-bit Windows 7.

I've had ZERO luck.

ARMY_HAWK2710d ago

I had no problem, took 5mins and it was ready to use.

Substance1012710d ago

Dont see what the problem is, was a piece of cake getting it to work.

newn4gguy2710d ago

Not on 64-bit. 32-bit is a piece of cake. 64-bit requires creating new code.