WRONG: Over 30? Play video games? Admit it: You're a weirdo in a basement.

NBC gives fair and balanced take on the average video game player

The curiously frown-free Gifford and Kotb were sent a question by one of their 5 million viewers, Elizabeth, who asked: "What's up with men and video games? Do you think it's okay for men to play video games in their 30s and over?"

Gifford quickly replied: "No, that's weird... Xbox."

Deutsch, who has something of a history within the anti-gaming camp, added: "No. The answer's no... When you're in your thirties, there should be something more on your mind, your attention, than video games."

All three then agreed that playing games with your kids is fine, but, as Kotb put it (complete with prom-queen-eating-cockroach disgust): "But what about those guys... [I'm] talking about those weird ones in the basement."

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BeastlyRig2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

What is weird is when someone can't realize they are only be limited by their perception.

I haven't met one person who is completely normal everyone has something weird about them..

What we call normal is only what we think of as being normal that's all.

I would bet Deutsch & his buddies think the same way about gamers not surprised.

Deutsch is a man who will tell how things should be in your thirties..

I say life is about fun and freedom at all ages!

If anything I like games way more than movies at least I am engaged in thinking & reacting to situations instead of just staring at a screen like a dumb zombie.

If a girl doesn't like that I pay video games should can kick rocks!

It's seems more & more girls are into games so I will find one of them.

If video games are the only thing you think about then that just addiction.

Trunkz Jr2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The way I see it, you could be doing far worse things in your 30's and 40's then playing video games in your basement, like smoking crack.

caseh2509d ago

Hmmm, its a form of entertainment at the end of the day. At which point should I not be allowed to watch a film thats aimed at an teenagers for example.

Greyfoxdbz2509d ago

WTF do they know about anything?. I'm 21 and I've loved videogames since before I can remember. Should I be expected to stop loving them at around age 30 because of the consensus of these idiots?
Maybe they should gather knowledge about something before judging whether people are fit to pursue a particular avenue of interest.
Videogames are not the childish entertainment medium that they are made out to be. I thought this was changing.

Jdoki2509d ago

I thought the average age of a gamer these days was something like 37!

The media keeps pushing these stereotypes. It's just sloppy, cheap, journalism. Where's the article about surgeons who game being better than their non-gaming peers? Where's the articles about gamers having better problem solving skills, and better reaction times?

Sure there's a small subset of gamers when that fall right in to the stereotype - but in general more has been done this generation to make gaming mainstream than any previous gen. More so than ever gaming is a legitimate hobby.